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Custom Molded Products Pool Niche Repair Ring | 25549-500-000

SKU: 25549-500-000
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SKU: 25549-500-000
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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Weight: 1.00 LBS
GTIN: 6094606448735
MPN: 25549-500-000
SKU: 25549-500-000
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Custom Molded Products 25549-500-000 Pool Niche Repair Ring

LIMITED TIME ONLY! This is the niche replacement pool lamp part you've searched for. And it's in stock NOW for an eye-popping 20% off!

Your search finally ends here. We know how difficult it can be to find the exact part you're looking for. Your pool light right was damaged, needs a fast replacement, and you don't want to replace the entire in-ground pool light over a small issue. We keep this Custom Molded Products 25549-500-000 Repair Ring in stock for exactly these kinds of situations.

Custom Molded Products 25549-500-000 Repair Ring features: 

  • Custom Molded product number: 25549-500-000
  • Weight: 1.0 LBS
  • Adapter for in-ground pool lights
  • Compatible with Pro Tools lights

If this is the replacement in-ground pool lighting ring you're looking for, you've also found the best price available for it: 20% off, on us.

This repair ring has a one (1) year limited warranty directly from Custom Molded Products. Check with the included owner's manual for full details on coverage and claims.

More about the Custom Molded Products 25549-500-000 Repair Ring:
This niche repair ring is a full replacement for any damaged Pro Tools in-ground pool lights from Custom Molded. Installing pool equipment is particularly sensitive due to the full submerging of many components, so it's not uncommon that fittings like this one are unintentionally installed improperly.

Stripped screws, or installations so tight that they put undue pressure on the ring mounting the lamp are more common than you'd think! That's why we keep these Custom Molded parts available to customers, to provide an easy replacement option without the hassle of buying and installing an entirely new lamp.

Have any questions about making sure you install this replacement lamp ring as close to perfect as possible? Our team at Wild West have you covered. This is what we do -- for a living, and as a hobby -- and it really is our pleasure to pass along any advice you might need.

Don't let your pool go dark over a simple parts replacement. We have the niche part you need, at a great price. This Custom Molded Products 25549-500-000 Repair Ring is available at a nice 20% off as long as we can keep it in stock. Pick up your part today!

But before you do that, we have one more surprise for you. Our customers who buy Custom Molded Products parts from us this month get a bonus perk: store-wide discounts on all of our pool parts and supplies! So dive on in to Wild West Pool Supplies, where the water is always nice and chill!

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