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Del Ozone Eclipse Renewal Kit W/ Tubing, Check Valve, Flow Meter | 9-0150E

SKU: 9-0150E
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SKU: 9-0150E
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 9-0150E
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Del Ozone 9-0150E Eclipse Renewal Kit with Tubing, Check Valve, Flow Meter 

HUGE NEWS FOR SAVVY SPA OWNERS: this hot tub ozone generator renewal kit is a low-cost way to get your ozonator back to full, like-new functionality, and we have a wave of stock available at a wild 20% off!

This deal right here? Partner, it's for real. The Del Ozone 9-0150E Eclipse Renewal Kit with Tubing is a hugely popular product that provides all the parts required to fully revitalize your hot tub ozone generator in minutes. Ozonators are great as an alternative to high levels of chlorine and other chemical sanitizing products, so why let frayed tubing or worn down valves undermine that for you?

Del Ozone 9-0150E Eclipse Renewal Kit with Tubing features:

  • Del Ozone Product Number: 9-0150E
  • Includes tubing, check valve, flow meter, and injector connector
  • Dimensions: 12 x 11 x 6 in., shipped
  • Weight: 1 lb., shipped

This is the affordable kit that will erase any reason to replace your complete ozone generator over minor replaceable parts. So why not go all in on the savings on offer here? Keep 20% of the MSRP on this spa ozonator renewal kit by taking advantage of this deal limited only by how long our current discounted stock holds out to high demand.

This hot tub ozone generator replacement parts kit ships with a one (1) year limited warranty from Del Ozone. For full coverage and details, please consult the owner's manual included inside the packaging of this item. 

More about the Del Ozone 9-0150E Eclipse Renewal Kit with Tubing:
The Del Ozone 9-0150E Eclipse Renewal Kit with Tubing is a kit that facilitates efficient and safe continued operation of your hot tub ozone generator.

Also known as ozonators, these pool sanitizing components work by using a UV lamp to generate measured levels of ozone that kill over 99% of bacteria in most spas. 

This method, known as "corona discharge," works alongside an air jet and pump system to pass large amounts of water through the UV exposure point. When functioning properly, it should treat all of the water in the tub evenly.

This renewal kit contains replacements for several of the most sensitive parts that tend to take in wear over time due to exposure and pressure. Your Del Ozone ozone generator is meticulously designed so that its operating life can be extended greatly by swapping in these components. 

Interested in learning more about installing or maintaining your Del Ozone 9-0150E Eclipse Renewal Kit with Tubing? Let us know. Our spa professionals know our products like the backs of their hands, and they're always up for passing on their hard-earned experience to our customers.

Fresh, safe, and clean spa experiences are coming your way. This steamin' Del Ozone 9-0150E Eclipse Renewal Kit with Tubing offer only holds at 20% off MSRP as long as the current discounted stock holds out to major customer demand, though, so get yours today!

Oh, and one more thing: if you take home any Del Ozone components or kits this month, you'll also get a special invitation to our exclusive slate of customer appreciation deals. These great offers are too wild to publish directly on our website! So why delay? Why not hop into the clean, warm, and welcoming waters of Wild West today?

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