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Electrode Replacement, BluWater Blu Fusion, Helix E-200 (43-139-1005)

SKU: E-200 (43-139-1005)
SKU: E-200 (43-139-1005)
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Weight: 1.00 LBS
GTIN: 753610344629
MPN: E-200 (43-139-1005)
SKU: E-200 (43-139-1005)

The E-200 (43-139-1005) replacement electrode assembly for ISIS bromine salt control system offers many benefits to hot tub owners. Unlike the traditional chemical regiments, it does not require any additional harmful chemicals or floaters and eliminates unpleasant smells and potential skin irritation. Furthermore, by using this product you can avoid the damage that can be caused by chlorination.

The E-200 (43-139-1005) is incredibly simple to set up and use, making it the ideal solution for maintaining a safe, clean hot tub. It is also extremely energy efficient, reducing your impact on the environment by using minimal electricity. This makes it an economical choice for hot tub owners looking to save money and protect the environment.

  • 115v/230v Voltage rating
  • Electrode Generator Part Type
  • Easy to use and simple to set-up
  • Complete Replacement Electrode Assembly
  • Eliminates unpleasant smells and damage caused by chlorination

Fitment guidelines:
For used with for ISIS bromine salt control system.

Additional Information:
Alternate part numbers - 43-139-1005, 386870