Hayward Nature2 Swimpure 3 Inch Cartridge, Single Unit | N2CN35

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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Hayward Nature2 Swimpure 3 Inch Cartridge, Single Unit, N2CN35 is designed to keep your pool clean and healthy. This patented in-ground pool system utilizes minerals to purify up to 35,000 gallons without using chemicals like chlorine. Its patent-pending delivery system distributes the minerals quickly and efficiently throughout your pool water, trapping bacteria along the way for superior sanitation. Install it easily in seconds – no electricity, no moving parts, and powered only by the flow of the pool water.

The natural minerals used will protect both you and your pool from damage caused by harsh chemicals like chlorine. Enjoy swimming without stinging eyes, dry skin, or bleached fabrics. Plus, it's safer for swimming and the environment. Reduce your chlorine usage up to 80% and rest assured that this system is stable even in hot weather or heavily used pools. It lasts 6 full months so you don't have to worry about replacing chemicals and endangering your pool filtration system.

  • In-ground pools up to 35,000 gallons
  • Patent pending delivery system distributes minerals quickly and efficiently
  • Patented mineral process traps bacteria to purify your pool water
  • Easily installs in your Hayward cartridge filter in seconds.
  • Lasts 6 full months
  • No electricity, no moving parts - it's powered by your pool water flow
  • It's natural - no more stinging eyes, dry skin or bleached fabrics
  • Reduce chlorine usage up to 80%
  • Stable even in hot weather and heavily used pools
  • Ends chemical damage to pool filtration system
  • Safer for swimming and for the environment
  • Dimensions - 3" diameter, 10.5" height

Fitment guidelines:
For use with C2020/C2000, C3020/C3000, C4020/C4000, C5020/C5000