Jacuzzi® De Grid Element, Ew75 8 1/2 X 18 (8 Req.) | 42-2123-16-R

SKU: 42-2123-16-R
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SKU: 42-2123-16-R
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This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer
This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 42-2123-16-R
Warranty: This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Jacuzzi®® 42-2123-16-R DE Grid Element, EW75 8 1/2 x 18 (8 REQ.)

MAJOR NEWS: The grid element you've been searching for is in stock, ready to ship, and it's at an incredible 20% off!

We're serious about doing right by our customers. The Jacuzzi®® 42-2123-16-R DE Grid Element, for Avalanche and Landslide filters, is the official Jacuzzi®® part with all the quality and consumer trust that name implies. You know the part you need. Don't put it off any longer, because we've got it at the perfect price with a knowledgeable staff that will get you any information you need to safely install it! 

Jacuzzi®® 42-2123-16-R DE Grid Element features:

  • Product Number: 42-2123-16-R
  • Weight: 1.02 LBS
  • Compatible with Jacuzzi® Avalanche, Landslide and many Splash Pak Filters
  • Parts for Jacuzzi®® Models EW75, 100, 125 & 150
  • Material: Black plastic end piece, with gray filter grid material
  • 1" diameter endpiece
  • single 1/4" slot
  • 8.5" filter grid

Now that we've got the basics down, let's get back to the best part: 20% off this official Jacuzzi®® grid element! The offer lasts as long as we can keep this popular product in stock.

More About the Jacuzzi®® 42-2123-16-R DE Grid Element:
The Jacuzzi®® brand is so well-known and highly-regarded that it is synonymous with "hot tub" for many. This grid element is compatible with Jacuzzi®® Avalanche and Landslide DE filters, modular for two widths (7" and 24"). Check with your Jacuzzi®® manual to guarantee compatibility.

Installation is as simple as interlocking the required number of grids, and sliding them into the filter itself. The completed filter/grid element is then inserted into the unit. To open your Jacuzzi®® you'll need a screwdriver in most cases, and if you have an older unit, ready pliers and a wrench to gently pry off the coverings. For non-professionals, this is definitely a doable task on a DIY level. No need to wait on an expensive plumber to fit you into their schedule; replacing your own filters is the first, simplest step to saving money on your spa.

This grid element has a one (1) year limited warranty, provided directly from Jacuzzi®®. Consult the owner's manual for full details on this fantastic coverage.

Have any questions about when and how you should install a new spa filter? Our spa specialists have your back. This is not just our livelihood, but our hobby; it's what we love to do! 

Don't wait for your filter to become overwhelmed. Peace of mind for your spa experience awaits. This Jacuzzi®® 42-2123-16-R DE Grid Element discount is a limited time offer. Jump in today! 

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