Jandy Deck Jet Coverplate Bronze (Set Of 4) | R0561200

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SKU: R0561200
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: R0561200
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Jandy R0561200 Deck Jet Coverplate Bronze (Set of 4) 

GREAT NEWS FOR OUTDOOR POOL OWNERS: these replacement Deck Jet caps are official Jandy replacements, in a strikingly beautiful bronze color that matches many deck materials and finishes, and we've marked this full set of 4 for an incredible 20% off MSRP offer! 

That's right: when you stumble into the West, the offers get a bit, well, Wild! The Jandy Deck Jet R0561200 Coverplate Bronze (Set of 4) from Jandy is the official part to replace a weathered caps on a full set of four Deck Jet water streams.

Deck Jet 25597-009-020 Round Cap Tan features:

  • Jandy Part Number: R0561200
  • Material: Molded Resin
  • Color: Brushed Bronze
  • Set of 4 Covers
  • Compatible with Custom Molded Products and Jandy Deck Jets 

This pack of replacement caps is already a great deal when bought together. But why stop there? We're taking an additional 20% off the MSRP of this entire package, meaning incredible overall savings on top of what you already saved from buying them in a group of four. But remember, these savings are limited only to our current stock of this 4 coverplate package. Once these are gone, the deal goes with them!

This replacement deck jet coverplate pack has a one (1) year limited warranty from Jandy. Check with the included owner's manual for full details on Jandy's support and claims coverage.

More about the Jandy Deck Jet R0561200 Coverplate Bronze (Set of 4):
Deck Jets are a fantastic combination of striking visual statements, combined with utility. They move small amounts of water at a time using your existing pump system, working together to create an appealing design statement for your outdoor pool or hot tub. Deck Jets are mounted directly into your deck, as the namesake implies, giving them a unique appeal compared with jets mounted underwater or along the sides of the pool itself. 

This circulation also helps keep overall water movement high, especially with the recommended 4 or more Deck Jets working in unison. This helps your pool filters and chemical cleaning agents work properly, and assists the main jets with keeping water circulated evenly. 

This is a set of 4 replacement coverplates, matching the common configuration of mounting 4 Deck Jets into the deck area surrounding an outdoor pool. These are made of a molded resin designed to stand up to harsh conditions from treated water as well as sunlight, topped with a brushed bronze look to better match with common deck colorations.

Have any pressing questions about the Jandy Deck Jet R0561200 Coverplate Bronze (Set of 4)? let us know! Our outdoor pool professionals always look forward to helping our customers with any questions on installation, maintenance, and more. 

Don't settle for a worn set of coverplates when the primary purpose of your Deck Jets is cosmetic. This absolutely smokin' Jandy Deck Jet R0561200 Coverplate Bronze (Set of 4) offer is only around for a limited time, though, so make sure to get your hands on this set today! 

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