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King Technology Mineral Cartridge, King Tech Pool Frog, In-Ground | 01-12-5462

SKU: 01-12-5462
SKU: 01-12-5462
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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Weight: 2.99 LBS
Width: 11.55
Height: 5.30
Depth: 5.25
MPN: 01-12-5462
SKU: 01-12-5462
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

The Pool Frog In-Ground 5400 Series Mineral Reservoir 01-12-5462 is designed to work with the 5400 Series Mineral System for pools up to 40,000 gallons.

The Mineral Reservoir reduces the amount of chlorine required for your pool while getting rid of bacteria and controlling algae all year long. The reservoir uses the two natural minerals such as silver and copper to sanitize your pool while lowering the quantity of chlorine by up to 50%.

• Used for inground pools up to 40,000 gallons
• Pre-filled cartridges for no mess, no guess and no stress pool care
• Mineral Reservoir will last a full season or up to 6 months
• The 2 lb bac pacs of chlorine last 1-2 weeks depending on pool usage
• Use with Frog bam for a 90 day no algae guarantee
• Easy to use with weeks of consistent and effective water sanitization
• Bac Pacs and Frog bam containers are recyclable when empty

How to install the Pool Frog Mineral Cartridge:
1. Turn off the pump and remove the Pool Frog lid.
2. Pull out the old mineral cartridge and discard.
3. Place the new cartridge into the Frog vessel while lining up the slit on the cartridge with the fin in the vessel.
4. Place the lid back on the Pool Frog vessel and tighten.

Fitment Guidelines:
Compatible with the following Cyclers:
• Pool Frog XL Pro
• Pool Frog Series 5400 or 5600
• Prevail Series 5790
• Pool Frog Cycler - 01-01-5480 and 01-01-5450

Additional Information:
Alternate Part Numbers:
• 15350
• 9220-31
• 9220-310
• KTC-45-5462