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Len Gordon Pressure Switch Universal - 6 Amp | 800140-7

SKU: 800140-7
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SKU: 800140-7
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 800140-7
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Len Gordon 800140-7 Pressure Switch Universal - 6 AMP - 1/8" NPT - SPDT - 1.8-2.2PSI 

UNBELIEVABLE NEWS: this hot tub pressure switch is one of the most consistently requested components by spa professionals, and we have it waiting for you at a wild 20% off! 

We're serious about the dependability and quality of this part, just as we're serious about that major discount. The Len Gordon 800140-7 Pressure Switch 6 amp is a great choice for checking the pressure levels in your spa's heater assembly, to guarantee proper operation and shutoff in case of a malfunction. You diagnosed a problem with your pressure switch. And Len Gordon is a brand straight from Allied Innovations, one of the most trusted names in hot tub equipment. You went searching for a replacement. Well, look no further, because we've got your back on the price part of this transaction.

Len Gordon 800140-7 Pressure Switch 6 Amp features:

  • Allied Innovations Product Number: 800140-7
  • 6 amp
  • Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT)
  • 1-5 PSI
  • Plastic switch construction
  • 1/8" MPT

You can probably tell from that list of specs that this is the part you need. So, back to the price: save a hot 20% off on this pressure switch, for a limited time. This deal is tied to our current stock, so get yours before someone else does!

This hot tub pressure switch has a one (1) year limited warranty supported by Allied Innovations. Check out the owner's manual for full coverage details. 

More about the Len Gordon 800140-7 Pressure Switch 6 Amp:
This is a 3 terminal pressure switch, with a plastic transit casing and thread meant to avoid the corrosion issues fully metal switches often run into in these high moisture situations long-term. With a 1/8" thread, this switch is universally compatible with the majority of switch terminals in any hot tub that supports that common size.

If your current switch has only 2 terminals, simply use your previous switch as a wiring guide and use just two contacts on the new Len Gordon switch. 

This switch screws directly in, and you'll likely notice complete water resistance even screwing the unit in by hand. However, with the temperature fluctuations inherent to hot tubs, you'll want to prevent issues over time by applying teflon tape before your first test run of the spa. Wrap the threads in teflon tape to guarantee a dependable seal at the heater manifold.

Have a question about the Len Gordon 800140-7 Pressure Switch 6 amp? Let us know! Our experienced spa professionals are always keen to help a customer out with any concerns!

Peace of mind over dependable spa usage is in your future. This wild Len Gordon 800140-7 Pressure Switch 6 amp offer is waiting for you at Wild West Pool Supplies, but remember: it's only for our current stock! Act now!

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