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Salt Cell, Solaxx Resilience A5, 40000 Gallons | CLG40A-010

SKU: CLG40A-010
SKU: CLG40A-010
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Weight: 3.40 LBS
Width: 11.40
Height: 6.55
Depth: 5.40
MPN: CLG40A-010
SKU: CLG40A-010
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Misc Vendor CLG40A-010 Salt Cell, Solaxx Resilience A5, 40000 GallonsSolaxx Resilience A5 Replacement Salt Cell For Resilience/Nexa Pure/Ipure/Frog Hybrid Salt Systems. The A5 Salt Cell is perfect for pools and spas up to 40,000 gallons and features a Five Blade System IBT (Independent Blade Technology). The A5 Salt Cell has a chlorine production rate of 1.38 lbs for every 24 hours of operation.

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