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Mosaic Underwater Magic Sealant 2.1 Oz Tube White | 88-867-1021

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SKU: 88-867-1021
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SKU: 88-867-1021

Underwater Magic Mosaic Sealant 88-867-1021 2.1 oz Tube White

POOL SUPPLY PRICE ALERT: this inventive, highly resistant underwater sealant is an absolute must for both building new pools and maintaining older ones, which is why we made sure to target this exact item for a major 25% off MSRP discount offer!

Looking to set new pool tiles? Hoping to fill in worrying cracks or affix loose building materials properly? Then why not do it at the best price we think you'll find? The Mosaic Underwater Magic Sealant 2.1 oz Tube White is the final product of decades of research and development put into creating a specially-formulated compound capable of standing up to high-pressure, chemical and exposure heavy environments -- like your pool!

Mosaic Underwater Magic Sealant 2.1 oz Tube White features:

  • Underwater Magic Product Number: 88-867-1021
  • Single 2.1 oz. tube
  • Color: white
  • Rated for high level resistance to seawater, UV light and chlorine exposure

This tube of unbelievable sealant is what you're looking for, if those specs are any indication. Remember, there's 25% savings on deck for you if you get yours now. The deal isn't time limited, but once we run out of our currently-sourced stock, we won't be able to keep such a deep discount attached to this item. 

This amazing pool sealant comes with a one (1) year limited warranty, handled directly by Underwater Magic. Please check with the included owner's manual for more coverage and claims information on this item.

More about Mosaic Underwater Magic Sealant 2.1 oz Tube White:
The history of Underwater Magic goes back to the need to develop a sealant that could reliably repair cracks in ocean ships. This crucial need ended up leading to a category of products that is also perfect for home and commercial pool installation and repair.

The additional needs of pools are actually demanding in much the same way seafaring ship applications are: UV light exposure, the presence of chlorine, higher acidity than standard water, and even more difficult environmental features for outdoor pools all add up to a uniquely stressful environment that standard sealants aren't necessarily capable of handling for long. 

This white tinted variant of Underwater Magic is perfect for sealing off pool tile, with a prominent look that highlights the even placement of that particular material. It's also preferred for matching with white building materials that require crack repairs. 

Do you have any burning questions about installing or maintaining pool building materials with this amazing pool sealant? We've got you covered, partner! Our staff of highly-trained professionals will happily pass along the results of their experience in the pool repair field.

Don't let cracks drag down the beautiful design of your pool. Or if you're building a new pool, get your sealant done right from the word go. This absolutely wild Mosaic Underwater Magic Sealant 2.1 oz Tube White offer won't be around forever, though, so make sure to get yours soon!

Oh, and before you go, we've got one more quick offer for you that we think will blow your mind: if you buy any Underwater Magic pool supplies this month, you'll also get access to our exclusive customer appreciation offers list. These deals? They're unreal, partner. So why delay? Dive right into the beautiful, crisp waters of Wild West Pool Supplies today!