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PAL-2T2 Light 12v, Color LED, 150 foot Cord, 2 Wire, N/S | 39-2T256LAU

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MPN: 39-2T256LAU
SKU: 39-2T256LAU

PAL-2T2 Light 12v, Color LED, 150 foot Cord, 2 Wire, N/S | 39-2T256LAU

2-1/2" Hole Size

The new 2T2/2T4 Color Touch is a retrofitable Even Glow 12VAC, 5 Watt LED underwater light that features a soft, evenly distributed light due to the unique design of the molded prismatic lens. This design provides outstanding illumination qualities, eliminating the end shadow effect common with other pool lights. The PAL-Treo light is available with a 50,000 hour color change LED array that has six lockable colors and two color change modes. 


No Earth Bonding Required
Non-Leak Water Seal (No polycarbonate materials used for seal)
Color Changing Digital Array
50,000 hour Lamp Life
Color lock on six different colors 
Two color change modes
Retrofits most existing fiber installations
Self synchronizing with PAL-Treo lights
Only requires 2.75" of 1.5" straight conduit behind fitting
Even Light Distribution
Unique flexible molded prismatic lens (adapts to extreme temps)
Wide Beam Spread eliminates end shadow
Color synchs with Light Streams products
Encapsulated Cable Terminations eliminates external cable and water seal heat caused deterioration 

Recommended Coverage:
Light - Medium Interior Color: 200-225 sq ft.
Medium - Dark Interior Color: 175-200 sq ft.

*Installs into Standard 1.5" wall fittings
*Due to the variety and large number of manufactures fittings available it may be necessary to field modify the internal shoulder if it is too shallow or too thick. This can be performed in the field in about 1-2 minutes with a 1-3/4" hole saw or small sanding drum.

Basic requirements: Standard 1.5" wall fitting with exposed face and internal threads - initially connects to 1.5" waterproof conduit which terminates and seals above ground.