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PAL-2000 LAL Color Change LED Light Array w/Color Lock | 39-LAU-2CU

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SKU: 39-LAU (39-LAU-2CU)
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PAL-2000 LAL Color Change LED Array W/Color Lock - PAL Lighting | 39-LAU-2CU (replaces 39-LAU)

WARNING: this pool LED light is possibly the best on the market and now 25% off for a limited time

PLEASE NOTEPAL-2000 Clear Lens Cover Sold Separately & PAL Lighting Lens Clamp Ring Sold Separately

Sound crazy? Well, it’s true. The PAL-2000 LAL color change LED array with color lock is one of the most popular replacement bulbs on the market and for those who need steady, dependable pool lighting. Remember when you got out of bed this morning wanting nothing more than your pool’s lighting issues to be solved? We got the memo.

LAL Color Change LED Array w/Color Lock features:

  • Bellson Electric Pty Ltd Product Number: 39-LAU
  • 12 x SMD RGB LED array
  • Low power, only 2.7 watts
  • Low heat
  • Selectable color options
  • Up to 100,000 hours
  • 3 x Start Color choices (unlimited number of color change lights can be synchronized)

Oh, you were also looking for a smokin’ deal? For a limited time, save 25% on the LED replacement bulb while in stock. Hurry though, there may be only a couple remaining ready to ship!

This replacement bulb, PAL-2000 has a one (1) year limited warranty from Bellson Electric Pty Ltd. For a full description of coverage details and claims, refer to the owner’s manual.

More about the PAL-2000 LAL Color Change LED Array w/Color Lock:
This newer LAU lamp replacement with a color lock LED array delivers fantastic light distribution and is 100% interchangeable with the LAL lamp. Powered by a 12V A/C. It integrates with all existing or new PAL Aquatic / Underwater Lighting. Change the color effect of your pool lighting with just a quick flip of a switch. The LAU features 6 fixed colors: white, blue, red, purple, green & amber. The 2 digital effects are disco and color change. The 3 selectable start color options include white, blue or color change.

Have a question about the replacement bulb? Our pool product specialists are ready to help.

New pool experiences await you today. Go forth. This smokin’ PAL-2000 LAL Color Change LED Array w/ Color Lock deal lasts only for a little while longer, so act now!

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Availability: In Stock and Ready to Ship!!!
Current Stock:
Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout
Weight: 1.00 LBS
SKU: 39-LAU (39-LAU-2CU)
Warranty: This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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