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PAL-2000 Pool Light LAL Color Change LED Array W/Color Lock | 39-LAU (39-LAU-2CU)

SKU: 39-LAU (39-LAU-2CU)
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SKU: 39-LAU (39-LAU-2CU)
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 39-LAU (39-LAU-2CU)
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

PAL-2000 LAL Color Change LED Array w/Color Lock Pool Light | 39-LAU-2CU (replaces 39-LAU)

HUGE NEWS FOR POOL LIGHTING AFICIONADOS: this color-changing pool LED light is one of the top rated on the market. And we just so happen to have a number of these sourced at an amazing price. You can take yours home for 25% off MSRP, for a limited time only!

PLEASE NOTEPAL-2000 Clear Lens Cover & PAL Lighting Lens Clamp Ring are associated components that often need replacing at the same time as the LED light itself. And they're on sale too!

Does this offer sound crazy to you? Well, don't worry: we might be a little bit wild around here, but our discounts are always as serious as it gets. The PAL-2000 pool light LAL color change LED array with color lock is the direct, official replacement bulb for the Fiberstars PAL-2000. This is one of the most dependable arrays of brilliantly colored LEDs available for pool owners. And we can guess why you might be on this page: you need a replacement. You miss the incredible color and clarity only Fiberstars lighting could provide, before yours was damaged. Why wait? Here's the part you need, at a price that can't be beat.

The LAL Color Change LED Array w/Color Lock features:

  • Bellson Electric Pty Ltd Product Number: 39-LAU-2CU (replaces 39-LAU)
  • 12 x SMD RGB LED array
  • Low power usage rated at only 2.7 watts
  • Low heat generation, perfect for keeping pool temperatures crisp and balanced
  • User-modified color options available
  • Up to 100,000 hours of consistently bright functionality
  • 3 x Start Color choices (unlimited number of color change lights can be synchronized)

You're here for the this amazing pool lighting array. By now, you get the picture. But can you spare a second to take a look at that offer again? That's right: 25% off MSRP, no catch, no mail-in rebate, just an amazing deal right off the bat. But don't delay for too long. This amazing offer only holds out as long as our current stock does. We can't guarantee the ability to source another round of these at the same great savings that we pass on to our customers. So get yours as soon as possible!

This replacement underwater PAL-2000 bulb comes with a one (1) year limited warranty supported directly by Bellson Electric Pty Ltd. For a full description of coverage details and claims, please refer to the included owner's manual. We believe you'll appreciate their complete customer service and warranty claims support.

More about the PAL-2000 Pool Light LAL Color Change LED Array w/Color Lock:
This is a redesigned LAU lamp replacement compatible with many LAL lamps.  Powered by a 12V A/C, it is a perfect screw-in replacement for the PAL-2000 1.5" lighting system from Fiberstars. Using multiple LED colors in a single array, this model offers millions of finely-tuned colors by using the associated controls. It also has several built-in pre-tuned profiles.

There are six fixed colors on this array: white, blue, red, purple, green and amber. In addition to direct color combinations, a constantly-shifting disco-style effect is also available. White, blue, or a smooth transition color change mode are all easily toggled between as default profiles.

This replacement lamp is compatible with all Fiberstars PAL-2000 components, If you need a new lens, including multiple color options, or any other mounting components, please visit our collection of PAL-2000 parts. There are some amazing deals similar to this one available for most of these parts!

Got any questions on this replacement bulb that keep you up at night? Don't worry about it partner, we've got your back. Contact our team of pool specialists, and they'll pass along their hard-earned knowledge to get you the solutions you need. 

New pool experiences await you today. So please, go forth. This smokin' hot PAL-2000 pool light LAL Color Change LED Array w/ Color Lock offer lasts only for a little while longer, though. Once we run out, the 25% off discount walks out the door with it! So get yours as soon as you can. 

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