Paramount Pcc Step Nozz Tool Plastic | 004-552-5452-00

SKU: 004-552-5452-00
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SKU: 004-552-5452-00
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 004-552-5452-00
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This Tool is Super Easy to use and really heavy duty with Chrome Handle:

Step 1: Attach the tool to your existing pool pole.

Step 2: Align the tool with the pop up head, and press down.

Step 3:  If pop up head is already in the pool, and the tool is inserted into the head then (Turn 1/4 turn to the left) it will pull right out attached to the tool.

Step 4:  If pop up head is out of the pool then attach the head to the tool before the pop up head enters the pool.  Then (Turn 1/4 turn to the right).

Hope this helps!  Happy Shopping!

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