Pentair Power Center, Pentair Compool LX820 | LX820

SKU: LX820
SKU: LX820
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Weight: 5.46 LBS
Width: 10.45
Height: 6.95
Depth: 10.55
MPN: LX820
SKU: LX820
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

The Pentair LX820 Power Center is specifically engineered for commercial spa applications, providing a robust and reliable control system for managing essential spa functions. This unit is an ideal choice for retrofitting existing commercial spas, offering streamlined control over equipment with built-in status lights and dedicated power relays.

  • Automation Control Type - Power Center, designed to centralize control of spa systems.
  • Model - LX820, part of the Compool product line known for reliability and performance.
  • Compatible User Interface - Works with mechanical timers and spa jet switches, allowing for flexible and straightforward operation.
  • HP Relays Included - Comes with two 3 HP relays that support the operation of the Spa Filter Pump and Jet Booster Pump, ensuring efficient management of spa water circulation and jet operation.
  • Valve Actuators Included - None included, allowing for customization based on specific system needs.
  • Emergency Shut-off Switch - Not included in the package, which must be considered for compliance with safety regulations.
  • Installation - Designed for easy integration into existing spa systems, making it ideal for upgrades or replacements.
  • Application - Best suited for commercial spas that require reliable and efficient operational control.

Additional Information:
Alternate Part Numbers - 390683, COM-30-6347