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Pentair Rainbow Test Kit 4 In 1 #78Hr Chlorine, Ph, Alkalinty, Acid Demand | R151186

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SKU: R151186
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MPN: R151186
SKU: R151186
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

The Pentair R151186 All-In-One 4-Way Test Kit is your go-to tool for getting a comprehensive picture of your pool's water health. This kit includes everything you need to test pH, chlorine, acid demand, and total alkalinity, including a measuring cup and detailed instructions. The liquid formula makes testing easy and hassle-free. Plus, the kit is refillable, saving you money in the long run. With this test kit, you can easily identify any problems with your pool's water that may need to be addressed, helping you maintain a healthy swimming environment.

The kit includes a lucite test cell with wide standards, reagents, and an easy-to-follow water testing booklet. With No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, 1/2 oz. No. 4, and No. 5 reagents included in the kit, you have everything you need to accurately measure chlorine levels and pH balance of your pool water. The kit also helps you to test acid demand and total alkalinity, so you can ensure that all components of your pool's water chemistry are in perfect balance.

  • Refillable kit
  • "All-in-One" Test Kit
  • Comes in a handy plastic case
  • Makes testing simple and painless
  • Tests for Chlorine, pH, Acid Demand, and Total Alkalinity.

For commercial and residential pools

Additional Information:
Alternate part numbers - PENR151186, RAI-45-830