Fiberstars Lighting Parts Features

Pool lighting: the final touch in any top-shelf outdoor or indoor pool design. These lights, fixtures, covers, and motors are the components that make pools more aesthetically pleasing and safer to use all at once. Selecting pool lighting is a sensitive step in finalizing your pool configuration, because not all components are created equal. Pools are demanding environments, outdoor pools doubly so. It helps to start with a reliable brand.

Fiberstars is that brand. Their lighting components are noted for even lighting. The offer various colors and bulb types. Their fixtures are designed to handle immense stress, from both chemical exposure and the rigors of outdoor usage. They have options for above ground aesthetic lighting, including motors that spin filters across the light for a striking visual appeal. And they also have fully submersible fixtures that give off even light, making the entire swimming experience safe and reliable even at night. Here are some of the best components available in the Fiberstars lineup.

Fiberstars B10724 Fiber Glo Lens Only is a replacement lens for your fully submersible Fiber Glo lighting assembly. This lens projects clear, crisp light while still being hardy enough to stand up to the chemical exposure in properly maintained private pools. They are perfect for use as "beacons," for tracking positioning while swimming underwater.

Fiberstars D9144E Transformer 125V 4 Pin 1500/2400 is a replacement for the back end electrical portion of your full Fiberstars lighting array. If you or a professional diagnoses that the rest of your components are perfectly safe to use after replacing the transformer, we have you covered. Due to the large power demands of the strongest lighting, it's always a good idea to keep an extra transformer around. Just in case.

Fiberstars B9937 EvenGlo Lens Only is often used in concert with Fiber Glo-style lenses. This blankets even lighting, rather than serving as a beacon of light. It makes the entire pool easy to see and swim safely in, especially at nighttime for outdoor installations. The range is good for mounting on the side of the pool, rather than the bottom, due to the brighter but slightly more limited lighting compared to a full "broadcast" style lens.

Fiberstars Y20-6050 Hot Mirror Bracket Assembly 6000 Series is replacement for the most crucial part of your mirror lighting. This aesthetic solution creates brilliant fractured lighting that your guests will remember long after your latest evening pool party. If the bracket takes damage, why replace the entire unit? This simple replacement is all you need.

Fiberstars B11458 Broadcast Lens Only is another solution for spreading even light across a pool, especially useful for using on the floor. This lens is the most efficient option for spreading as much light as possible from a single fixture. For smaller pools, just one or two broadcast lenses is enough to fully blanket swimming areas with light.

Fiberstars A7002 Fan is a crucial replacement component for heavy-duty Fiberstars lighting arrays. These fans manage the heat generation that is associated with powerful, brilliant lighting that makes Fiberstars units so reliable and preferred by our customers.

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