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Potter & Brumfield 32Vdc/250Vac | W28XQ1A-8

SKU: W28XQ1A-8
SKU: W28XQ1A-8
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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MPN: W28XQ1A-8
SKU: W28XQ1A-8
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

The Potter & Brumfield W28XQ1A-8 Circuit Breaker is engineered to provide dependable and precise protection against electrical faults. This 8A breaker is perfectly suited for protecting equipment in both 250 VAC and 32 VDC circuits, making it a versatile choice for various commercial and industrial applications. Its series trip mechanism is specifically designed to respond quickly to overloads and short circuits, thereby preventing damage to connected devices. The panel-mount configuration with a push-through design allows for easy and secure installation, while the red faceplate enhances visibility, ensuring operators can easily monitor and identify the breaker’s status. Whether used in control panels, appliances, or power strips, this circuit breaker combines performance with reliability, safeguarding your electrical systems while maintaining operational efficiency.

  • Versatile Application - Rated for use at 250 VAC and 32 VDC, ideal for a wide range of electrical systems.
  • Amperage Rating - 8A current capacity to handle moderate electrical loads.
    Series Trip Mechanism - Provides reliable protection against overloads and short circuits.
  • Easy Installation - Panel mount design with a push-thru setup for straightforward integration.
  • Compact Size - Space-efficient with a mounting hole size of 5/8" diameter.
  • Durable Construction - Built to last in demanding environments with a robust thermal mechanism.

Additional Information:
Alternate Part Numbers - 391732, 4400208, 75F012, 9170-09F, 60-241-2005