Praher Top Mount Multiport Valve 2” Complete | TM-22-PB

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This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer
This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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Warranty: This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Praher TM-22-PB Top Mount Multiport Valve 2” Complete

HUGE POOL SALE ALERT: this top mount multiport valve by Praher is a major customer favorite, so we went out of our way to source a number of this item at a savings we're passing directly to you: 15% off MSRP, straight off the top!

This multiport top mount valve the real deal, Praher branded part that so many of you have been asking about. If your current valve isn't up to the task of supporting your sand filter to the high standard you expect, there's no reason to replace the entire unit when the Praher TM-22-PB Top Mount Multiport Valve Complete is all you likely need. This is the complete component you need, so swap it in and enjoy your sand filter getting right back to like-new operation!

Praher TM-22-PB Top Mount Multiport Valve Complete features:

  • Praher Product Number: TM-22-PB
  • Complete clamp-on style valve assembly
  • Weight: 7.34 LBS
  • Color: Black

Your pool deserves a sand filter that can handle whatever you need it to get done. This popular part is easy to install and known to last for years of consistent operation. So why not get one at 15% off the normal asking price instead of paying up big?

This replacement filter valve ships with a one (1) year limited warranty from Praher. The included owner's manual outlines the full details of this industry-leading support and claims policy.

More about the Praher TM-22-PB Top Mount Multiport Valve Complete:
Praher's original TM-22 valve now has a direct, updated replacement in the top mount multiport TM-22-PB. Check for either TM-22 or 26-1185 Praher part numbers either on your old part or in your owner's manual for your sand filter to guarantee compatibility with this piece.

This particular model is easily mountable with a clamp-on mechanism. This keeps the valve sealed tight, while also making it easy to remove for maintenance, cleaning, or eventual replacement.

The multiport valve style of this unit maximizes backwash from the sand filter, allowing for highly precise control of water flow and improved overall efficiency compared to previous designs.

Got any major questions bouncing around in your head on the Praher TM-22-PB Top Mount Multiport Valve Complete? We've got you covered! Our pool professionals are familiar with all of our products and are happy to help out.

If you take home this multiport valve, you're going to get your sand filter back to the level of quality operation you deserve. So why wait? This amazing Praher TM-22-PB Top Mount Multiport Valve Complete offer nets you 15% off the suggested asking price, a deal we believe can't be beat.

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