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Splash Pak Replacement Valve | TM12-H8

SKU: TM12-H8
SKU: TM12-H8
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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Weight: 5.16 LBS
MPN: TM12-H8
SKU: TM12-H8
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Splash Pak TM12-H8 Replacement Valve 

POOL REPAIR SALE ALERT: replacement Jacuzzi pool filter valve is the official, custom molded replacement for your Splash Pak sand-based filter, and it's in stock today at a smokin' 15% off discount!

Jacuzzi's Splash Pak filters are one of the most popular consumer models around, and they're known for an unheard of level of durability over years of vigorous use. The Splash Pak TM12-H8 Replacement Valve is the full valve component, and it happens to be the most commonly-requested replacement part for this item due to its status as a long-term stress point on all pool filters. It's a simple installation, and you can get your hands on the key to restoring your filter to like-new functionality at an incredible price for a limited time only! 

Splash Pak TM12-H8 Replacement Valve features: 

  • Splash Pak Part Number: TM12-H8
  • Weight: 5.16 LBS
  • Dimensions: 12.5" x 8.5" x 8.5" 

Those specs and that part number line up with your repair needs? Perfect! So why not pick yours up today? This 15% off MSRP stands as long as our current shipment does; the following restock after it sells out will not carry this offer with it!

This brand new replacement filter valve has a one (1) year limited warranty from Splash Pak. The owner's manual that ships with this item includes full coverage and claims details. 

More about the Splash Pak TM12-H8 Replacement Valve:
Jacuzzi filters are nearly omnipresent in consumer-level pools due to the incredible word of mouth that follows them, and the Splash Pak series is no exception. These are filters that hold out over many years of constant use and exposure. 

Sand filters of this quality have very low ongoing maintenance requirements. Due to the heavy demands inherent to pool filtration, even the most rugged models eventually give in to the demands of the environment, usually starting with the valve. Rather than replacing the entire unit, it is recommended to examine your filter yourself, or have a professional do it, and diagnose which part needs replacing.

Have a question about installing or maintaining your Splash Pak TM12-H8 Replacement Valve? Drop us a line and we'll pass along the information you're looking for!

A revitalized swimming experience is in your future. Don't wait long, though, because this 15% off MSRP offer on the Splash Pak TM12-H8 Replacement Valve is a limited time deal. Get yours today! 

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