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Sundance® Spas Drain Valve | 2540-303

SKU: 2540-303
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SKU: 2540-303
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This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer
This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 2540-303
Warranty: This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Sundance® Spas 2540-303 Spa Drain Valve

YOU WON'T BELIEVE YOUR EYES: This drain valve is the exact part you need, is widely regarded as the best on the market, and it just so happens to be on sale at a huge 40% off for a limited time!

We don't joke around when it comes to making sure parts that are intrinsic to the basic operation of our customer's spas are available at the best price we can possibly manage! The Sundance® Spas 2540-303 Drain Valve is a simple but crucial part, allowing spa owners to simply and completely drain their hot tub at the right pace, without spillage. You likely scoured the internet looking for the right part; here it is, and at the perfect price to boot!

Sundance® Spas 2540-303 Drain Valve features:

  • Sundance® Spas part number: 2540-303
  • Weight: 0.13 LBS
  • Replaces Sundance® Spas J-300 and J-400 series drain valves
  • Includes the drain valve itself, the cap, nut and gasket are sold separately

That about breaks down what you're in for if you pick up this part, so let's get back to the fun part: 40% off, deal in effect as long as our current shipment holds out. So don't wait too long to get in on this great offer!

This drain valve has a one (1) year limited warranty, provided directly through Sundance®. Please refer to the owner's manual for full details on coverage and claims.

More about the Sundance® Spas 2540-303 Drain Valve:
This drain valve is compatible with a broad range of Sundance® hot tubs/spas.  Part number 2540-303 is only the drain valve itself, so you'll need to use your existing cap, nut and gasket or buy new ones as necessary (Wild West staff will be happy to assist you with sorting this out).

This drain valve provides a connective port with a high level of pressure control. Once installed, you simply attach a standard garden hose to the valve to fully and properly drain your spa. Use of a wire clamp for the hose provides additional control over drainage speed and stoppage.

Got any questions Sundance® Spas 2540-303 Drain Valve, such as which cap, gasket and nut sets are compatible? Or anything else that might come to mind? No problem. Our spa specialists never turn down an opportunity to indulge in their favorite topic: spa repair!

Renewed spa experiences await you today. No need to wait, as this top-tier Sundance® Spas 2540-303 Drain Valve discount offer is a limited time deal, based on how long we can keep our current stock from flying off the shelves!

P.S. -- Wild West customers who pick up any Sundance® products this month get access to an exclusive selection of in-store offers. So come on in, the water is revitalizing and warm.

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