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Tecmark Pressure Switch 1 Amp - SPST - 1.5 PSI - Plastic | 3903-DF

SKU: 3903-DF
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SKU: 3903-DF
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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MPN: 3903-DF
SKU: 3903-DF
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Tecmark 3903-DF Pressure Switch 1 Amp - SPST - 1.5 PSI - Plastic

MAJOR SALE NEWS: this hot tub pressure switch is one of our most requested models, yet we're still offering it at an absolute steal: 25% off, for a limited time

Sound too good to be true? Partner, welcome to the Wild West. The Tecmark 3903-DF Pressure Switch 1 Amp is one of the best choices around for a universally-compatible hot tub pressure switch. And as even a neophyte spa enthusiast knows, a hot tub with a malfunctioning pressure switch is simply unsafe to use, no further questions required. That's why we targeted this product for a major discount, to ensure our customers can get their hands on it with as few barriers as possible. 

Tecmark 3903-DF Pressure Switch 1 Amp features:  

  • Tecmark Product Number: 3903-DF
  • 1/8" MPT
  • Single Pole Single Throw (SPST)
  • Field ADJ 

This is the part that fills that alarming void in your spa setup. You're ready to pick one up? Great! That 25% off offer probably makes the choice a lil' easier, huh? But don't wait long: the offer is tied to our current stock. As much as we'd like to make the price permanent, that's the best we can do (for now!).

This spa pressure switch has a one (1) year limited warranty from Tecmark. Please check with the owner's manual for full details on coverage and claims. 

More about the Tecmark 3903-DF Pressure Switch 1 Amp:
This universal pressure switch from Tecmark combines both plastic and stainless steel materials, with a plastic primary case and thread, along with a stainless bottom to add to the overall rigidity and longevity of the piece without opening itself up to the corrosion issues that affected older pressure switches.

Before replacing your current pressure switch, please examine the cavity surrounding it for buildup of calcium or any other naturally occurring material. Buildup can cause false readings on many pressure switches, meaning a simple cleaning of this space may be enough to get your spa back to safe, working order. We wouldn't want to sell you a part you don't need! 

This pressure switch will mount in any 1/8" thread. Screw it in by hand, and seal it with plumber's tape as a protective measure in case the mount shifts over time due to constant heating and cooling. 

Have any burning questions about this pressure switch? Our hot tub specialists will happily pass along top-quality advice on anything pertaining to our products and parts. 

Make your spa safe again today. Go forth! Take home a Tecmark 3903-DF Pressure Switch 1 Amp soon, before this deal passes you by. 

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