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Tecmark Pressure Switch 25 Amp - SPST - 1/8" NPT - 1-5 PSI - Metal | 3029

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SKU: 3029
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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SKU: 3029
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Tecmark 3029 Pressure Switch 25 Amp - SPST - 1/8" NPT - 1-5 PSI - Metal 

MAJOR SALE NEWS: this spa pressure switch is a longtime customer favorite for those looking for a reliable pressure switch with broad compatibility, and it's on sale for an incredible 20% off!

You can pick up your jaw off the floor. This deal is for real! The Tecmark 3029 Pressure Switch 25 Amp a switch with a rugged design that holds up to the most demanding spa environments, to guarantee proper operation when you need it most. You absolutely need a pressure switch that can keep you and your spa users safe. And that's reason enough for us to cut off 20% straight off the top of the price on this item!

Tecmark 3029 Pressure Switch 25 Amp features:

  • Tecmark Product Number: 3029
  • SPST
  • 1-5 PSI (Adjustable)
  • 25 AMPS
  • Hole: 1/8"
  • 3/8" Stainless Steel Thread

This is the part you need to return your spa to full, safe operation. So don't wait long: enjoy this limited time 20% off offer on the Tecmark 3029 Pressure Switch 25 Amp before our current stock disappears and the deal goes along with it!

This spa pressure switch has a one (1) year limited warranty supported directly by Tecmark. Check out the included owner's manual for full details on this industry-leading coverage. 

More about the Tecmark 3029 Pressure Switch 25 Amp:
This Tecmark universal pressure switch has a stainless steel thread and a plastic cap/body. The plastic portions are in the areas where previous all-metal designs would see the most potential corrosion, while the stainless thread guarantees a long-lasting, rigid material in the exact place where it counts.

Before going through with replacing your flagging current pressure switch, check the mounting cavity for any signs of buildup. Often, it's the natural harmless calcified or otherwise type of buildup in these spaces of a spa that lead to false readings from devices, especially pressure switches. Please clean this area before purchasing a new pressure switch.

If your mounting point has a 1/8" thread, this pressure switch will install easily. Seal the area around the thread with plumber's tape, and the installation is complete.

Got any questions about this pressure switch? Our hot tub pros have your back! Pass along your concerns or queries without hesitation. 

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