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Vita Spas High-Limit Sensor L500 (w/ Phone Plug) | 451126

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Vita Spas 451126 High-Limit Sensor L500 (w/ Phone Plug) | 451126

FANTASTIC NEWS: this hot tub high limit sensor is one of the best examples of this deeply important safety component on the market, and we have it waiting for you in our warehouse for a smokin' 20% off!

Believe your eyes; we may be wild around here, but we don't mess around when it comes to our discounts! The Vita 451126 Hi Limit Sensor With Phone Plug is one of the parts our customers constantly ask for, especially from the professional set. Remember the moment you realized your current high limit sensor was malfunctioning? We know that feeling. And that's why we're putting a great discount on a product we know has high demand, to make sure our customers can get the peace of mind of a fully-functioning sensor that will keep their family or customers safe inside their hot tub. 

Vita 451126 Hi Limit Sensor With Phone Plug features:

  • Vita Product Number: 451126
  • Replaces L Series sensors from after 1997
  • Bulb Length: 2"
  • Bulb Diameter: 5/16"
  • Phone Plug Connector (4 wire) 

If that's the part you need, how about we get back to talking about that great price? Again, that's a hot 20% off, no questions asked, but the deal stands for our current stock only. So get yours as soon as possible!

This hot tub high limit sensor has a one (1) year limited warranty from Vita. Please consult the owner's manual included in the packaging for full details on warranty coverage and claims.

More about the Vita 451126 Hi Limit Sensor With Phone Plug:
High Limit Sensors are a crucial hot tub safety mechanism. They detect fluctuations in temperature, and send a signal to shut down all operation if temperatures reach unsafe levels, around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This shutoff protects your other components from a malfunctioning heater. But most importantly, it protects the people using your hot tub from potentially grievous harm.

This specific high limit sensor, from Vita, is meant to replace Vita L Series sensors made any time after 1997. It installs simply, with a standard phone plug used to send the shutoff signal in the case of an emergency.

You may not need to replace your high limit sensor even if you are getting false high temperature readings. Check the area where the sensor is located for buildup, commonly calcium, which could be the cause of much higher temperatures near the sensor compared to what's actually happening in your hot tub. 

Got any questions or concerns about the Vita 451126 Hi Limit Sensor With Phone Plug? Let us know! Our spa professionals know all of our products in great detail and they always love helping our customers out with some of their hard-earned knowledge.

Safer hot tub experiences await. This steamin' Vita 451126 Hi Limit Sensor With Phone Plug deal is a limited time offer, however, so don't delay! 

Oh, and we've got another hot tip for you: buy any Vita products this month and we'll pass along an exclusive list of offers and discounts that aren't available any other way. There's no catch, just a list of deals we came up with to reward our most discerning customers. So dip your toes into the warm, comforting waters of Wild West Pool Supplies! 

Current Stock:
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Weight: 1.00 LBS
MPN: 451126
SKU: 451126
Warranty: This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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