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Waterway Plastics Medium Filter Lid & Lock-Ring Assembly 550-0231 | 550-0231 (550-0621)

SKU: 550-0231 (550-0621)
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SKU: 550-0231 (550-0621)
$200.99 $169.83 (16%​ off)
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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Weight: 7.28 LBS
MPN: 550-0231
SKU: 550-0231 (550-0621)
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Waterway 550-0231 Medium Filter Lid & Lock-Ring Assembly (550-0621) 

HUGE NEWS FOR SALT WATER POOL OWNERS: this replacement filter lid also includes the lock-ring assembly, perfect for getting your Waterway pool filter with matching lid part number back in tip-top shape, and we have it in stock right now with a wild 15% off discount offer! 

Your Waterway pool filter has likely put in years of service by now, just as the original salesperson implied it would... but inevitably, for outdoor pools, something unexpected happened. Your filter lid took damage from hail, a rock, or some other kind of debris. Well, don't fret. The Waterway 550-0231 Medium Filter Lid & Lock-Ring Assembly is the replacement part you need. Your aging filter will get right back to looking, and functioning, like it's brand new. And you can get it there at a great price, to boot.

Waterway 550-0231 (550-0621) Medium Filter Lid & Lock-Ring Assembly features:

  • WATERWAY PRODUCT NUMBER: 550-0231 (550-0621)
  • SKU: WWP-051-0231
  • WEIGHT: 7.28 LBS

This official replacement is the custom-molded part that will get your Waterway filter exactly where you want it to be. But don't wait too long to pick yours up. This 15% off MSRP offer only applies to the stock currently sitting in our warehouse. When it's gone, we unfortunately can't guarantee this offer afterwards.

This replacement filter lid and lock-ring assembly ships with a (1) year limited warranty from Waterway. Looking for more details on this top of the line coverage? Please consult the included owner's manual to find out more.

More about the Waterway 550-0231 Medium Filter Lid & Lock-Ring Assembly (550-0621):
Waterway filters are among of the very best options for handling the larger debris and exposure associated with above ground and below ground outdoor pools.

Sand filters are generally the only option for outdoor pools, due to their ability to process silt and foreign objects while serving a large volume body of water.

Installation is simple. Mounting hardware is built into the molded plastic design of the lid itself. The lock-ring assembly snaps on, as the final pressure-balancing aspect of the sand filter.

Got any questions, concerns, or maybe you're just curious to learn more about installing your new filter lid? Let us know! Our pool pros are on standby, and they love to share their hard-earned knowledge with our customers.

Is your filter lid cracked? Is your lock-ring no longer sealing properly? We've got you covered! But don't wait long. This cool Waterway 550-0231 Medium Filter Lid & Lock-Ring Assembly offer only stands at 15% off MSRP as long as our current stock holds out from demand.

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NOTE: Due to the manufacture changing the design of the tank, there is a fitment issue when trying to mate the old bottom (550-0201, replaced by 550-0601 - both have been discontinued) to the new tops 550-0611 (75 & 100 sqft), 550-0621 (125 & 150 sqft), 550-0631 (175 & 200 sqft). It is recommended that you replace the bottom when replacing the top.



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