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Product Information

Zodiac | EE-Ti | Bypass Valve Assy | R3001900 

Part for Model : 1500 | 2000 | 2500 | 3000

Save as much as 80% to heat your pool over alternate heating methods. 

Jandy’s Air Energy® heat pumps by Zodiac simply absorb free heat from the air and transfer it to the water, making the heating process efficient, ecological, and cost effective.

Four Different Sizes Available

  • EE1500 - 70,000 BTU / 6.4 COP Florida conditions (80/80/80)
    60,000 BTU / 5.4 COP (AHRI Standard 1160)
  • EE2000 - 112,000 BTU / 6.4 COP Florida conditions (80/80/80)
    93,000 BTU / 5.4 COP (AHRI Standard 1160)
  • EE2500 - 120,000 BTU / 6.3 COP Florida conditions (80/80/80)
    105,000 BTU / 5.5 COP (AHRI Standard 1160)
  • EE3000 - 140,000 BTU / 6.1 COP Florida conditions (80/80/80)
    130,000 BTU / 5.4 COP (AHRI Standard 1160)


  • Advanced Controls - The control panel features can be accessed at the Heat Pump or moved to the home, cabana, or patio. Add additional panels to control the Heat Pump from wherever it is most efficient.
  • Temperature Control Features - Air defrost allows the Heat Pump to operate at lower air temperatures. The optional hot gas defrost/chiller feature allows EE-Ti to heat the pool when temperatures drop as low as 38° and cool the pool during the hottest summer months. (Available only on the 2500 and 3000 models.)
  • Efficient Design - Our Maintain Temperature feature keeps water at a set point temperature automatically, 24 hours per day, by overriding the pool time clock. Keep the pool comfortably warm 24/7 with this convenient feature.
  • Automation Ready - Allows easy connection to Zodiac controls, other pool/spa automation systems, and automatic valve systems.
  • Dependability and Performance - Our proprietary twisted titanium heat exchanger provides maximum heat transfer resulting in increased output, high efficiency, and superior hydraulic flow, and is backed by a lifetime warranty against corrosion.
  • Optional Chiller Feature - Cool your pool water during the hottest summer months with our chiller feature. Available on EE2500 and EE3000.

Technical Details

  • Environmentally Friendly (410A Refrigerant)
  • Versa Plumb® Ready
  • Digital Self-Diagnostic Control Panel (Proprietary)
  • Programmable Pool/Spa Thermostats
  • Maintain Temp Mode, 24/7
  • Proprietary ultra efficient titanium heat exchanger
  • Built-in by-pass flow assembly
  • Commercial grade scroll compressor
  • Air defrost
  • Optional chiller/hot gas defrost (Available on 2500 and 3000 models)
  • AquaLink® automation-ready
  • Dual Thermostats (pool/spa)
  • Air Energy EE-Ti Control Panel can be mounted indoors or out


Availability: In Stock and Ready to Ship!!!
Current Stock:
Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout
Weight: 1.00 LBS
SKU: R3001900
Warranty: This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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