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A.O. Smith Stationary Switch For Single Speed Pumps | 629002-001

SKU: 629002-001
SKU: 629002-001
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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MPN: 629002-001
SKU: 629002-001
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

A.O. Smith 629002-001 Switch, Stationary for Single Speed Pumps

NEWS ALERT FOR SPA OWNERS EVERYWHERE: this replacement switch will bump your A.O. Smith pump right back to the like-new functionality you expect -- and the discount on offer is an enormous 20% off MSRP, on us!

Your pump stopped activating properly. You worried you'd have to buy an entirely new unit. But you diagnosed the problem: just the switch. And now, you're here, looking at the exact single part you need for this simple replacement job! The A.O. Smith 629002-001 Switch, Stationary for Single Speed Pumps is a custom-molded switch straight from A.O. Smith themselves, so you can guarantee that if you're matching this part number, you'll have no problem getting your pump up and running again. And you'll be able to do it at an incredible, low price. 

A.O. Smith 629002-001 Switch, Stationary for Single Speed Pumps features: 

  • A.O. Smith Product Number: 629002-001
  • Dimensions (In Packaging): 5.3" x 3.4" x 1.7"
  • Weight: 0.04 LBS

Are these the specs you were in the market for? Perfect. So now that you've got the right part, how about the right price to go along with it? That's right: 20% off MSRP, and the offer lasts as long as our current stock holds out against the current wave of orders.

This replacement pump switch has a one (1) year limited warranty from A.O. Smith. The item ships with an owner's manual that covers the full details on claims and support.

More about the A.O. Smith 629002-001 Switch, Stationary for Single Speed Pumps:
The A.O. Smith 629002-001 Switch, Stationary for Single Speed Pumps is an official OEM replacement part for A.O. Smith spa pumps that note that exact part number.

It is largely constructed of rugged custom injection molded plastic, and the package includes the screw needed for mounting this item.

Switch replacements are generally the appropriate response for pumps that turn on and "hum," but do not kick into full functionality. This generally means the switch is corroded and not functioning as intended, so this simple replacement may be all your pump repair requires. As a backup, consider changing the capacitor alongside the switch if simply swapping this item with the equivalent part does not restore functionality.

Are you not sure if this is the part you need for your pump repair? Looking for some tips on installing this item? Let us know! Our pool professionals have intimate knowledge of all our inventory, and they're always happy to share that information with a prospective customer.

Don't let a tiny part like this switch be all that's standing between you and a fully-functional, invigorating spa experience. Just make sure not to delay picking up your switch! This amazing 20% off discount offer is a limited time deal that won't apply to our next restock after we sell out of our current stock of this item.

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