Aqua-Flo Pump,Aqua Flo XP3,4.0hp,230v,2-Spd,56fr,2-1/2",OEM | 08342761-2041

SKU: 08342761-2041
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SKU: 08342761-2041
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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Weight: 49.10 LBS
Width: 12.40
Height: 11.40
Depth: 22.10
MPN: 08342761-2041
SKU: 08342761-2041
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Aqua-Flo 08342761-2041 Pump,Aqua Flo XP3,4.0hp,230v,2-Spd,56fr,2-1/2",OEMAqua-Flo by Gecko's Flo-Master® XP3 pump is the latest offering in its high performance spa pump line. It's designed for today's large, abundantly jetted spas requiring increased flow. The greater flow provided by the XP3 pump allows the spa to have more jets per pump or eliminates the need for a diverter valve, which improves spa user convenience and lowers equipment costs. Spa Pump Features: Fine tuned impeller that moves water through the system with maximum performance 2-1/2" intake and discharge Wet end can be rotated for easy installation Thermally protected to extend life expectancy of motor 56-frame motor for added strength Continuous duty horsepower of 2.5hp, 3.0hp, and 4.0hp. Single or dual speed (SEE THE AVAILABLE STYLES TAB) California Title 20 Compliant In 2012, the manufacturer changed the way Aquaflo pumps are rated. These pumps are now assigned both an operational horsepower (ohp), and a total horsepower (thp) rating. Previous versions of these pumps used only the operational horsepower. If you are replacing an older Aquaflo pump, be sure to match the operational hp rating rather than the total hp.

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