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Balboa 7-Button VI702S Panel Overlay | 11894

SKU: 11894
SKU: 11894
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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MPN: 11894
SKU: 11894
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Balboa 11894 7-Button VI702S Panel Overlay

HOT TUB NEWS ITEM: this spa topside panel from Balboa is one of the very best items of its kind according to our customer feedback, and it's on sale now for an unbelievable 20% off!

That might seem like we're having a laugh, but take a second look if you must: we're pretty serious about it on our end! The Balboa 11894 7-Button VL702S Topside Panel Overlay is the official, custom piece you'll need to replace a worn or otherwise damaged Balboa panel. You need your panel looking brand new all over again? We've got your back on this one, no problem! 

Balboa 11894 7-Button VL702S Topside Panel Overlay features: 

  • Balboa Product Number: 11894
  • Replacement panel face
  • 7 buttons
  • includes heads-up display opening
  • Simple installation

Are these the specs you need? Great, then let's talk about that wild discount again: We peeled off a wild 20% off the price, no catch, no questions asked. As long as our current stock holds out, we'll continue to provide this incredible offer.

This spa topside panel overlay includes a one (1) year limited warranty from Balboa. This is an incomparably solid warranty, so please take the time to consult the owner's manual for full details.

More about the Balboa 11894 7-Button VL702S Topside Panel Overlay:
This cover is for Balboa topside panels that directly list part number 11894 in their owner's manual. Other Balboa panels will not work, as this only supports an extremely specific 7 button layout. 

The compatible panel has buttons for two jets, lights, AUX, mode change, and separate buttons for raising or lowering temperature. 

While several other Balboa panels have very similar layouts, keep in mind that the tabs used for mounting this, as well as the exact positioning of buttons, are not necessarily identical. Please, only purchase this overlay for Balboa topside panel model number VL702S.  

Do you have any burning questions about the Balboa 11894 7-Button VL702S Topside Panel Overlay? Our spa professionals inevitably have the answers you seek. Let 'em know and they'll be happy to help you out!

Bring the brand new look and feel back to your hot tub experience. The Balboa 11894 7-Button VL702S Topside Panel Overlay is the only part you can use as a replacement, but we don't treat our customers like a captive audience. Remember, we're offering this part at 20% off the base price. For a limited time, though, so get yours soon.

P.S. -- Our Balboa equipment customers who take home components and full units at any time this month receive an invitation to our exclusive customer appreciation deals. This is a regular slate of deals that we switch out often, and we don't publish them anywhere else! So by all means, lean back and enjoy the warm, welcoming waters of Wild West Pool Supplies!