Inflatable Hot Tubs:  Luxury on the Move

Inflatable Hot Tubs: Luxury on the Move

by Mark Zalewski

Why an inflatable hot tub?

Some people have chosen to live in smaller apartments and homes and are restricted to their amount of usable space that a hot tub requires. For others, the choice is simply due to the fact that we live in a time of portable luxuries. No matter what the reason, inflatable hot tubs were born.

There are numerous sizing options available for inflatable hot tubs. This allows you to select one that accommodates the size of the room while allowing for the number of people that will be using it. If you’re only planning for two people to use the hot tub then a smaller size will be a good choice. However, if you plan to have a larger gathering, you’ll find larger inflatable hot tubs made just for event occasions.

Let’s say you have a summer lake house in the mountains that you visit on the weekends but don’t keep the house open year-round? An inflatable hot tub may be something you want to check into because it can be set up early in the season and at the end of the summer can be deflated and stored until the next year. This provides multiple benefits. There’s no need for an electricity expense as the water doesn’t need to be heated. Another benefit is that monthly maintenance isn’t needed which saves on cost and your time.

The average price range is from $400-$600. However, there are also more pricey models that can hit around the $2000 range as well. You can select models that even have party lighting installed. You can select the features that suit your needs and your cost will reflect those choices. For more information on the features that are available, see SwimUniversity’s guide.

These inflatables are made from a very durable material. Because these hot tubs are set up and taken down frequently, they’re made with that in mind and are able to withstand being set up directly on the ground without a platform or any built construction.

It’s important to consider that although they are made from durable material, there’s a lot more wear and tear than what there is on a permanent model. The process of putting it up and taking it down repeatedly is enough to put stress on it. Be sure to choose a heavy-duty material. Most manufactured today are constructed from a military-endorsed, reinforced material that is built to last. Protect your purchase and be sure to get a warranty to cover the many things that could go wrong and damage your hot tub.

The fact that portable, inflatable hot tubs even exist is amazing! Whether the amount of space available may be your issue, or if you’re thinking about bringing it with you when you travel, an inflatable hot tub is a great option to have.