Must Have Swimming Pool Accessories

Must Have Swimming Pool Accessories

Aug 16, 2019by Mark Zalewski

Once you have decided to dive into the world of swimming pools you may find the options and choices can be stressful. There seems to be an endless amount of decisions you need to make. Shopping can be pretty nerve-racking and time-consuming. There are hundreds of swimming pool accessories on the market. Knowing what you will need will save you a lot of time and expense.

Pool Cover

This is definitely on the must-have list for your swimming pool. A pool cover serves as protection for your pool water, keeping debris and people out of your pool. During the winter months, a cover will protect your water from the weather including the formation of ice on your water. Be sure to use the proper anchors such as straps to secure your cover in place. For more information on the importance of pool covers see our previous blog, Why should you use a pool cover.


The skimmer is a very beneficial accessory for swimming pool owners. A skimmer is used for clearing debris from the surface of your water. It picks up leaves, insects and a variety of debris. It resembles a large badminton racket. Using a skimmer daily to keep your water surface clean throughout the season, will keep your maintenance costs down.  For further information see Everything You Need to Know About Pool Skimmers, by Swim University.

Pool Paint

Pool paint should be used if you have a below-ground concrete pool to treat the surface. If left untreated it can be quite hard on the skin. Pool paints come in a few different options, such as rubber, water, or epoxy-based. Treating your surface regularly will protect the surface of your pool from severe elements such as chemicals from the water and the sun.


Antifreeze should be used if you live in a climate that gets cold in the off-season. This is a great winterizing tool that can help you clean your pump and pipes when you close down your pool for the season. After you have finished draining the water from your pool, pump, and pipes, pour the antifreeze in and it will prevent them from freezing up on cold winter days.

Pool Furniture

Pool furniture compliments the appearance of your pool and provides a place to unwind. Your furniture doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, as even the most basic furniture models will be sufficient. Your own particular style can be used to decorate this area. Make sure that you choose furniture that is durable to withstand both the winter and summer temperatures.

If you are trying to stay within a budget, you can still buy the supplies and accessories needed for your pool without breaking the bank. You can buy your accessories online at discounted prices or watch for sales from local dealers in your area. You will find that your best deals are usually during the off-season winter months. Most of these expenses are affordable, especially if you stick to your budget and only purchase the necessities. Some pool accessories are fun to have while others are vital to properly maintain your swimming pool. Knowing the difference will save you a lot of time and keep your costs down.