Pulling the Plug on Your Hot Tub

Pulling the Plug on Your Hot Tub

by Mark Zalewski

When purchasing a hot tub, a main concern people have is wondering how it will affect their power bill every month. The solution to avoid increased electrical charges, is deciding to go with solar powered heating. With eco-friendly, friends of the planet have made an ingenious option to go solar.

Things to consider:

  • It’s important to first consider if the location of the hot tub is suitable for solar-heating. The unit must be kept outside instead of indoors. The other point to keep in mind is the region where you live. If your home is in an area that gets little sunlight, then this option would not work for you.
  • Once you’ve determined that solar heating is the choice for you, what next? Do you fill it up and wait for the sunlight to heat it up? What about after sunset, what happens to the heat that was generated during the daytime? Safety covers are designed to contain the heat that was generated instead of wasting both time and money waiting for the water to heat itself up.
  • There are types of solar heat equipment that enable you to store up the heat that was solar generated. This allows you to use it when you are ready to enjoy your hot tub. It is an upfront expense that may very well be worth the investment. In the end, the cost effectiveness along with your never needing to plug your unit in can outweigh the need for electrical energy or propane gas.
  • We certainly recommend getting a safety cover that is designed to contain the heat generated. This will save you time and money overall.

The solar heated hot tub is the eco-friendly option. If you’ve considered the unit’s location, your region is sunny enough, and you’ve anticipated the possible expense for the solar heater, by all means, go solar and pull the plug on your hot tub.

By going solar, you will be able to reap the benefits of the use of a hot tub and you will be doing your part in the effort to protect the environment.  The federal government now offers a tax credit for using solar power to heat your hot tub.  For more information on the Residential Renewable Energy tax credit please visit their site.