Summer May Be Winding Down, But The Fun Doesn't Have To!

by Mark Zalewski

All good things must come to an end… or do they?

Summer may be winding down, but that does not mean that pool activities go away! Continue to love family time outside by the pool and bar-b-que well into the fall. But remember, the summer months are the time when your pool and outdoor living space go through the most wear and tear. Wild West Pool Supplies can make it easy and affordable for you to revitalize your backyard area.

After a fun party you always clean the inside of your house to make it good as new, right? The same should go for your pool. Make sure you keep a small amount of shock ready to add to your pool after a heavy bather load.

  • Tired of chipped and cracked cool decking? Cool Deck repair kits are an affordable, do-it-yourself way to repair those deck blemishes without busting up the concrete.
  • It gets darker sooner. Have you considered illuminating your backyard to extend your evenings? Adding quality LED Pool Lighting with Color Light Shows you can give your dull glowing pool a resort-like entertainment feel.
  • Along with LED Pool Lighting, we also offer a selection of backyard subtle landscape lighting to enhance the overall backyard experience.
  • It may be hot now, but November will be here before you know it. Start planning on investing in a new heater or heat pump to your existing equipment. This will turn your cool fall nights into warm romantic evenings under the stars.

Safety Tips of the Month

When the weather cools down, spending more time with family and friends outdoors becomes more desirable. Make sure you replace all potential hazards.

  • WATCH YOUR KIDS AROUND WATER. Every pool should come with a safety fence, childproof locks and door alarms. Spare no expense on making sure your precious loved ones are safe around the pool.
  • As the summer heat pounds onto your deck all summer long, it withers away the plastic skimmer lids. Before a guest steps on a broken piece of plastic and steps into the skimmer, be sure to replace all deteriorating lids. This small fix will really help prevent a potential major accident. 

That's all for the moment. Have fun out there and stay safe!