​The Perfect Fit: Custom Spa Covers

by Mark Zalewski

The above ground spa is a tranquil, relaxing and comfortable addition to the backyard. What most people don’t realize, is that this amazing addition needs an addition of it’s own… a Wild West Custom Spa Cover! Adding a custom spa cover to your outdoor oasis makes the backyard experience more aesthetic, economical and safe.

Wait, how can a cover make the spa more aesthetic? When your spa is not in use, a cover prevents unsightly debris from falling into the water. Furthermore, our covers are designed to fit your above ground spa perfectly in both size and color. This means you’ll be covering up your investment in style.

Covers also offer economical benefits. The iconic look of spas everywhere is a rich plume of steam escaping into the air, but if no bathers are present that steam just symbolizes dollars evaporating into thin air. The covers that we provide are extremely well insulated thereby keeping the heat where it belongs… in your spa.

Covers also prevent the spa from evaporative water loss. On average, pools and spas lose about a quarter of an inch of water every day to evaporation. That water loss average can increase, especially in climates of heavy wind or lots of direct sunlight. Our covers are designed to cover every square inch of your spa, no matter the brand or style. The custom fit we provide will keep the water where it belongs… in your spa.

The most important benefit a Wild West custom cover adds to your spa is safety. An open body of water can be hazardous at times. When your spa is not in use, a cover ensures the safety of everyone around you, letting you relax outdoors without worry.

The best part about our spa covers is that they are custom fit! Visit the standard custom spa cover page or premium custom spa cover page to get started on your brand new customized spa cover from Wild West!