Trouble Shooting Your Pool Problems

Trouble Shooting Your Pool Problems

by Mark Zalewski

Owning your own swimming pool adds a lot of enjoyment to family life and summer parties.  Owning a pool requires upkeep and maintenance.  Here are some of the following top issues you may come across along with their probable causes:

  • Electrical Issues

If your water stops circulating properly make sure that power is actually reaching your pump prior to replacing or repairing the pump itself.  Often it could be as simple as flipping a circuit breaker or just a blown fuse.  If you're unable to determine the exact cause contact a qualified professional.

  • Cracked Tiles

If the tiles on the bottom of your pool crack, water begins to seep out onto your deck area possibly causing water damage and a lot of water to leak from your pool.

  • Chlorine Levels Unbalanced

If your chlorine levels become out of balance it can cause a variety of issues.  One sign that it may be the culprit is that the swimmer's eyes become irritated.  Another sign is the formation of algae.  It can grow on the walls or on the floor under your vinyl liner.  For further information on algae dangers and prevention, see Home Advisor's article.

  • Air Line Leaks

If your filter is clear but you notice that the water isn't circulating like it should, odds are that you have a leak in your air-line.  It could also be that your pump isn't working properly.  The fix could be as easy as patching your line with tape.  If you don't feel confident however, contact a professional.

  • Clogged Filter

Having debris fall into your pool is not uncommon.  It can be anything from leaves to items dropped into the pool that get caught in the skimmer.  If the filter gets clogged it will stop the circulation in the water that's needed to prevent the water from becoming stale and allowing bacteria to grow.  Maintaining a clean filter is vital.

If this is your first time owning a pool make sure to have the person who installed it to go over the procedures to maintain your pool effectively.  If you don't have the time or the desire to handle the maintenance yourself, hire a qualified professional to handle it for you on a daily basis.