What NOT to Bring in Your Hot Tub

What NOT to Bring in Your Hot Tub

by Mark Zalewski

Over the last several years, you most likely have heard about the healthy benefits of a hot tub. Among the numerous examples is easing arthritis pain, along with soothing stress issues. While there are plenty of great benefits, you must pay attention to things you should NOT bring in there with you.

There are certain things that you should not do because of their ability to ruin any benefits you may experience.

  • The first item is something that should NEVER be brought into a hot tub: Alcohol. When a person sits in a hot tub while consuming alcohol, it can cause dehydration. It is also easier to pass out or fall asleep in a hot tub because of its ability to relax you.
  • Hydration is important!  Really?  I am sitting in water. Seriously, should you bring water or other non-alcoholic beverages, do not use glass. Using plastic cups will prevent injuries from accidental ‘drops’..

  • Do NOT use any type of electronics near the hot tub. Electricity can be fatal if, for example ~ a radio, fell in the water while plugged in. Avoid any possible disasters by only using battery operated items and keep them clear of the water.
  • Don’t use bubble bath in the hot tub, especially one with hydrotherapy jets. A small amount will cause serious bubbly overflow that can bring problems long after it has been cleaned up. Another danger is that bubble bath causes wood to be very slick which can lead to falls.

Do enjoy the fun and benefits of your hot tub, but do not forget it's important to know what you should avoid putting in the water.