Clayton Lambert Skimmer Basket Stainless | P-287

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SKU: P-287
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SKU: P-287
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Clayton Lambert P-287 Skimmer Basket Stainless

NEED A CLEANER POOL? THIS NEWS ALERT IS FOR YOU: this Clayton Lambert skimmer basket is a top quality replacement compatible with several major skimmer lines, and it's in stock now at an incredible 20% off MSRP! 

A blown-out skimmer basket spells the end for any hope of efficient skimming functionality in your pool. Thankfully, there are many great options out there for replacements, even if you sport a classic, perfectly functional old-school skimmer that simply needs a new basket. The Clayton Lambert P-287 Skimmer Basket Stainless is a broadly compatible replacement with a special eye for filling in for decades of Clayton Lambert pool skimmers.

Clayton Lambert P-287 Skimmer Basket Stainless features: 

  • Clayton Lambert Product Number: P-287
  • Length: 8"
  • Width: 6"
  • Height: 5"
  • Bottom Length: 6-1/8"

This is the part you've been after? Perfect. So how about we take a quick look at that price again? 20% off. Straight off the top. No catch. Just a great price, that lasts as long as our current inventory holds out against popular interest.

This pool skimmer basket has a one (1) year limited warranty from Clayton Lambert. The owner's manual included with this item details the complete facts on the coverage and claims. 

More about the Clayton Lambert P-287 Skimmer Basket Stainless:
Clayton Lambert are a venerated name in the pool space, with many long decades worth of incredible products that the most discerning pool professionals continue to swear by. 

Their skimmers are so good that many models from 30+ years ago are still in working order today, with only minor part replacements and maintenance required.

The skimmer basket is one of those parts that inevitably needs replacing, by its nature. It suffers from heavy erosive stress and weight from the skimmed debris, making it one of the most common failure points in an otherwise perfectly efficient and functional skimmer. 

The P-287 is the standard replacement basket for most Clayton Lambert skimmers. 

Not sure if this is the exact part you need? Looking for tips on how to make sure your new skimmer basket lasts as long as possible? Let us know! Our team of pool professionals double as low key pool nerds, and they're always up for passing along any and all information our customers need!

If your Clayton Lambert skimmer needs a new basket to get it back to working order, we've got you. Remember: this item comes with a cool 20% off discount, only for a limited time. So get yours today!

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