Element Flo Thru, Titanium, 5.5Kw 240V | 47-555-2515

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SKU: 47-555-2515
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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GTIN: 758614147849
MPN: 47-555-2515
SKU: 47-555-2515
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

The 47-555-2515 Flow Thru Element is the ideal choice for electric pool and spa heater installations. This element features an EP Bulkhead design that allows for installation in heaters with or without thermowells, making it one of the most popular choices on the market. It offers high performance with 1.375 kW/5.5 kW voltage and a 10" immersion length/depth. The terminals are spaced 1-1/4" apart for easy connection, and the element is coated with titanium to prevent corrosion. This Flow Thru Element can be used with Hydro-Quip HeatMax Electric Pool & Spa Heaters, offering superior reliability and performance.

  • Voltage - 115v/230v
  • Coating - Titanium
  • Kilowatts - 1.375kW/5.5kW
  • Immersion Length/Depth - 10"
  • Heater Element Type - Flow Thru, Offset
  • Heater Element Connection Size - 1/2" x 1-1/4"

For use with Hydro-Quip HeatMax Electric Pool & Spa Heater

Additional Information:
Replaces - 1-HE-623259C, 1-HE-624409C, 1-HE-624459C, 1-HE-624509C, 1-HE-624559C, 12-0100-K, 12-0100F-K, 2-05-0025, 20005155, 24009, 25-4033, 25-4033-BI, 25-4033-BI-TI, 25-4033-ET, 25-4033-TI, 25-4033ET-BI, 25-4034, 25-4034-BI, 25-4034-BI-TI, 25-4034-ET, 25-4034-TEP, 25-4034-TI, 25-4034-TITAN, 25-4034ET, 25-4034ET-BI, 25-4034NH, 47-555-2500, 6-FLO, 6-FLO-TE, 6000-106, 611526, 624552, 624552C, 624559SC, 624559T, 70-20255, 70-20650, 70-20650-TE, 70-20655, 70-20655-T, 70-20655-TE, 70-20665, 9138-003, HEA14200080, HQP-851-8004, HTE254034ET, HTE254034TITAN, HTR6FLO, HTR6FLOTE, STD, STD., STD./TEFLON, STD.W/HRDWR KIT, STD/TEFLON, STDW/HRDWR KIT, TEF/W HRDWR KIT