Fiberstars Hot Mirror Bracket Assembly 6000 Series | Y20-6050

SKU: Y20-6050
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SKU: Y20-6050
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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MPN: Y20-6050
SKU: Y20-6050
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Fiberstars Y20-6050 Hot Mirror Bracket Assembly 6000 Series

POOL LIGHTING DISCOUNT ALERT: our customers regularly give us feedback on how much they love Fiberstars pool lighting, so we've targeted a replacement hot mirror bracket assembly for a major 20% off MSRP discount!

Take a breath if you need to, because this deal is as real as it gets! The Fiberstars Y20-6050 Hot Mirror Bracket Assembly 6000 Series is the official, high-quality replacement for your Hot Mirror Fiberstars pool light. Why let one of the best pool lighting solutions on the market go to waste over a damaged bracket? Here's the replacement you need, at an incredible price to boot.

Fiberstars Y20-6050 Hot Mirror Bracket Assembly 6000 Series Features:

  • Fiberstars Part Number: Y20-6050
  • Weight: 0.15 lbs.
  • For In-Ground Pools

This particular replacement bracket assembly is relatively uncommon sold on its own, so when we had the opportunity to source a number of them at once we leaped at the chance. The popularity of Fiberstars lighting was a big driver in our decision making. So is this the part you need? Great. So this is as good a time as any to remind you that it's available at an absolutely bonkers 20% off MSRP. But act fast. This price only applies to our current stock of this item. Once it sells out, the discount leaves our warehouse with it!

This pool lighting bracket assembly replacement has a one (1) year limited warranty supported directly by Fiberstars. Please check with the included owner's manual for full support and claims information. 

More about the Fiberstars Y20-6050 Hot Mirror Bracket Assembly 6000 Series:
This replacement bracket assembly is a direct replacement for Hot Mirror lighting. This piece is the only official replacement part usable, due to the highly customized design used in all Fiberstars lighting implements.

These fiber optic lights are especially beloved by outdoor pool owners due to their high safety standards and easy usability in aquatic settings. These lights are easy to power far away from any water source. And they generate so little heat that they aren't even hot to the touch, preventing them from playing a role in throwing off the temperature of your pool.

Want to learn more about installing your replacement bracket assembly? Don't hesitate to give us an earful! Our pool professionals are happy to get you fully informed on the ins and outs of any of the products we carry. 

Your pool deserves to glow with brilliant, immaculately placed lighting. There's no reason to let a simple broken bracket assembly mar that experience for you. So go forth: this Fiberstars Y20-6050 Hot Mirror Bracket Assembly 6000 Series offer is only here for a limited time, so act fast!

P.S. -- there's more! If you take home any Fiberstars products this month, you'll also get included in our rotating monthly deals list. These great offers? You can't find them anywhere except in these private dispatches! So why delay? Take a nice cool night dive into the welcoming waters of Wild West Pool Supplies today!

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