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G&G Industries / Balboa Escutcheon & Eyeball, White | 23320-WH

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SKU: 23320-WH
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 23320-WH
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

G&G Industries / Balboa 23320-WH Escutcheon & Eyeball, White

EXTRA, EXTRA!  Balboa spa jets are renowned for their quality, and now you can purchase replacement parts for 50% off.  

We already offer some of the best online deals around, and now we're discounting our reduced prices even further. Replace all of your worn jets or upgrade your existing jet hardware for less than the cost of a couple of movie tickets with this Balboa GG Industries 23320-WH Escutcheon & Eyeball. You've been wanting to refurbish your hot tub for a while -- now is the perfect time!  

Balboa GG Industries 23320-WH Escutcheon & Eyeball features:

  • G&G Industries / Balboa Water Group Product Number: 23320-WH
  • Bright white appearance with smooth face design
  • 1 1/4" with threads base diameter and 3" face diameter, uses a thread in installation
  • 5/8" total length
  • High-powered directional mini-jet 

As long as we have this Escutcheon cover and eyeball set in stock, we'll be offering 50% off our low price. Order yours today to get this unbeatable deal. 

This Balboa directional mini jet includes a one (1) year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Your owner's manual will contain all of the coverage details and claims. 

More about the Balboa GG Industries 23320-WH Escutcheon & Eyeball:
Warmth and bubbles. Those are the two benefits that first come to mind when thinking about a spa -- and the two main reasons most people choose to purchase one! There's nothing quite like the gentle, massaging power of warm, flowing water to melt away muscle aches or the tension of the day. 

With continued use, though, the hardware for your jets, such as the decorative face plates and directional eyeballs become faded, dingy, or even misplaced, making your hot tub look less inviting. A cracked or missing eyeball can even decrease your spa's bubbling power. 

Fortunately, the solution is simple. Get your hot tub looking and performing like new with Balboa GG Industries Escutcheons & Eyeballs -- an easy and inexpensive way to give your spa a quick face lift and get it back to peak performance. So go ahead, settle in, crank up the jets, and sink into the bubbles.  

Want to know more about our Balboa line of directional water jets? Our dedicated staff can answer any question you have, so get in touch today!  

A better way to relax is waiting! Take advantage of this fantastic offer on our Balboa GG Industries 23320-WH Escutcheon & Eyeball before it's gone! 

Need one more reason to purchase? Buy any Balboa or G&G Industries products this month and the Wild West sales team will send you additional store-wide offers on everything you might need to keep your pool or spa in top-notch condition. Dive right in and enjoy! 

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