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Gecko Heater 5.5KW S-Class 2" | C2550-0800ET-G

SKU: C2550-0800ET-G
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SKU: C2550-0800ET-G
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: C2550-0800ET-G
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Gecko C2550-0800ET-G Heater 5.5KW S-Class 2"

HUGE SPA NEWS: this smokin' spa heater is the subject of consistently incredible feedback from our customers and you can get yours today at a wild 10% off!

Seems hard to believe, huh? That's just how we do things over here. This Gecko C2550-0800ET-G Heater 5.5 KW S-Class 2" is a particular customer favorite due to its dependability, consistency, and ease of installation. Your current heater is burning out? Don't worry about it! Pick up this top-tier replacement from Gecko, and save some money while you're at it! 

Gecko C2550-0800ET-G Heater 5.5 KW S-Class 2" features:

  • Therm Products Product Number: C2550-0800ET-G
  • 5.5KW
  • 220V
  • S Class heater 

Those specs can't be beat in this category of hot tub heaters. So, why not take another glance at that wild discount: 10% off, for a limited time only! 

This spa heater includes a one (1) year limited warranty. Check out the the included owner's manual for the full details coverage and claims on this product. 

More about the Gecko C2550-0800ET-G Heater 5.5 KW S-Class 2":
This heater assembly is a replacement for the matching Therm Products part number C2550-0800ET-G, a Gecko branded piece. This is vertically mounted, flow-through heater.

This heater comes as a two pump assembly, with two different flow rates. Apply external air controls for full control over the flow rate through the tubing. 

This is a sensitive installation. While the actual installation of this component is simple, it does require basic electrical knowledge. Also, make sure the environment is completely dry before doing any electrical work on your spa.

Looking for more information on this hot tub heater? Let us know what you're thinking! Our hot tub professionals will answer any questions you might have. 

It's time to completely revitalize your spa experience. But don't wait too long to do so. This this steamin' Gecko C2550-0800ET-G Heater 5.5 KW S-Class 2" comes at this great price only as long as we can keep it in stock.  

Oh, and we've got one more incentive on deck: buy any Gecko products this month, and you'll get a look at our exclusive list of offers. That's huge savings across our entire range of spa products and supplies. So slide on into the welcoming waters of Wild West Pool Supplies!

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