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Gecko Alliance WiFi Module in.Touch 2 | 0608-521020

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SKU: 0608-521020
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MPN: 0608-521020
SKU: 0608-521020

Gecko Alliance 0608-521020 WiFi Module in.Touch 2

This module connects to your home WiFi network to provide remote control of your spa from your iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Android devices. Find the in.Touch 2 app in the Apple store or Google Play.

in.Touch 2 is now fully compatible with Amazon Alexa™’s and Google Home™’s complete families of home vocal assistants. You can now “talk” to your spa through Alexa or Google, ask questions and get helpful answers or give basic commands on settings and functions.

Compatible with: in.xm2, in.xe and Y Series (software 85 rev 4.00 and up) systems.


  • Push notifications to alert consumers even when the app is on open
  • Extended communication range, 3 times longer than standard wifi signal
  • Simple plug & play network connection through ethernet
  • Intuitive app layout
  • Control water temperature set point
  • Water care settings to save energy


Manufacturer Gecko
Model in.Touch-2
Wi-Fi Compatible Yes
50/60 HZ 60Hz