Hayward Blower Vacuum Switch | FDXLBVS1930

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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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Hayward FDXLBVS1930 Blower Vacuum Switch 

BIG NEWS FOR SPA OWNERS: this hot tub blower switch is the official Hayward replacement for several of the most common models of blowers, and we sourced a number of these at once so we could offer an absolutely nutty 20% off discount to our customers!

This deal is for real, so don't mosey on just yet! The Hayward FDXLBVS1930 Blower Vacuum Switch is a replacement for Hayward blowers, the official part that cuts out all the guesswork for making sure your blower repair goes 100% right, and gets your blower back to 100% functionality! If your H-Series Low NOx induced draft heater is giving false vacuum signals or otherwise malfunctioning, this simple to install replacement requires a simple consultation with the owner's manual to get everything right back to like-new operation.

Hayward FDXLBVS1930 Blower Vacuum Switch features: 

  • Hayward Product Number: FDXLBVS1930
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs.
  • 50" WC

Is your H-Series Low NOx induced draft heater on the fritz? Did you isolate the issue to the vacuum switch malfunctioning? Then we've got the perfect offer for you. For a limited time, save 20% on the Hayward FDXLBVS1930 Blower Vacuum Switch. This offer is not limited by time, but by supply, so once our current large order of these runs out the 20% off disappears with them. Order soon!

This replacement vacuum switch has a one (1) year limited warranty from Hayward. As we happen to be authorized as a retailer by Hayward, we can direct our customers directly to the owner's manual included with this item to find the full details of this industry-leading direct-from-manufacturer support.

More about the Hayward FDXLBVS1930 Blower Vacuum Switch:
The FDXLVBS1930 blower vacuum switch is a drop-in replacement switch meant only for the Hayward H-Series NOx induced draft heater. Do not use this replacement switch in any other spa heaters, due to the unique shape and configuration of this item.

The blower vacuum switch tracks pressure, allowing it to send crucial shutoff signals if something goes wrong. This can extend the life of your spa heater, or even save it from an otherwise catastrophic incident that could've caused the vacuum component to continue attempting operation even with debris getting in the way. Instead of this interaction destroying the heater vacuum assembly or even the pump, the unit shuts itself off and allows the operator to clear the debris. 

Have a burning question about installing or maintaining the Hayward FDXLBVS1930 Blower Vacuum Switch? We've got you covered! Our staff of spa professionals will happily provide any answers you need, without hesitation! 

It's time to get your Hayward heater back to safe operating standards. This Hayward FDXLBVS1930 Blower Vacuum Switch discount offer won't be around forever, though, so if you want this price guaranteed, get yours before they sell out!

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