Jacuzzi® Magnum Force Strainer | 03-0906-02-R

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SKU: 03-0906-02-R
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This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer
This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 03-0906-02-R
Warranty: This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Jacuzzi® 03-0906-02-R Magnum Force Strainer

A DEAL ALMOST TOO GOOD TO BE REAL: this pool strainer from the geniuses at the venerated Jacuzzi® is good enough that it just might be the last strainer you'll need for many years to come -- and we have it in stock right now at a wild 15% off discount!

For pool owners running their filters and cleaners in a particularly demanding environment -- especially outdoors -- it can be a hair-pulling, frustrating experience to try to keep things clean without components wearing out fast. That is, unless you opt to upgrade to a heavy-duty pool strainer like the Jacuzzi® 03-0906-02-R Magnum Force Strainer. Like the name -- magnum force! -- implies, this pushes water through at high volume while straining out detritus in a way few competing strainers can handle.

Jacuzzi® 03-0906-02-R Magnum Force Strainer features: 

  • Jacuzzi® Part Number: 03-0906-02-R
  • Box size: 17" x 12" x 15"
  • Weight:6.32 LBS

Here's the strainer you've been looking for. And the price just might seal the deal: 15% off MSRP, on offer for a limited time tied directly to the large amount of these we sourced for our warehouse so we could put them out there at a great price like this.

This rugged pool strainer has a one (1) year limited warranty from Jacuzzi®. This warranty is supported directly by the manufacturer, with full details published in the included owner's manual. 

More about the Jacuzzi® 03-0906-02-R Magnum Force Strainer:
The Jacuzzi® 03-0906-02-R Magnum Force Strainer is well-regarded in particular by professional pool cleaning specialists, due to the high volume of water it handles and the strength of the components. This adds up to one of the very best choices on the market for handling outdoor pools.

Pool strainers are the collection of components that separate detritus from water. The assembly handles flow, while the strainer component itself -- easily replaceable if worn down -- is a simple heavy-duty plastic basket.

This particular model includes the full assembly, with the drain plug, o-ring, basket, flapper, and air bleed tube all in the package. Once fully assembled, this strainer can be installed on several Jacuzzi® models including the Jacuzzi® Magnum, Magnum Plus, and Magnum Force pool pumps. 

Have a question about the Jacuzzi® 03-0906-02-R Magnum Force Strainer? Let us know! We have a team of pool professionals on standby, who look forward to helping our customers with the deep background details on any of the products we carry. 

Fresh, clean, and safe pool experiences are just a simple purchase away. But don't wait too long: this 15% off MSRP offer won't be around forever!

P.S. -- If you do take home this item, or any other Jacuzzi® parts this month, we'll also send along an invite to our secret deals club. These offers are too good to put on our site directly, so keep manufacturers we work with happy, we send them directly to our favorite customers instead. So why delay? Dive right into the crisp, cool and refreshing waters of Wild West Pool Supplies today!

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