Praher Top Mount Multiport Valve | TM-22-H8

SKU: TM-22-H8
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SKU: TM-22-H8
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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Weight: 7.46 LBS
GTIN: 753610336402
MPN: TM-22-H8
SKU: TM-22-H8
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Praher TM-22-H8 Top Mount Multiport Valve 

POOL NEWS NOTIFICATION: this replacement top mount multiport valve for Jacuzzi® Sandstorm filters is the custom replacement part you need -- and we have it in stock now at an incredible 15% off! 

You likely thought you'd have a hard time getting your hands on a replacement part for this discontinued, yet widely-used sand filter. Yet here it is, at an amazing price! The Praher TM-22-H8 Top Mount Multiport Valve is a brand new part from Praher, designed as a 1:1 match for the original multiport valve in the Jacuzzi® Sandstorm filters. You don't need to replace your aging system over a single part failure! We know the feeling, and that's why we've cut the price on this crucial piece. 

Praher TM-22-H8 Top Mount Multiport Valve features:

  • Praher Product Number: TM-22-H8
  • Weight: 7.46 LBS
  • Compatible replacement for Jacuzzi® Sandstorm filters TM-26, TM-31, and TM-36 

Your jaw dropped when you finally found the niche replacement part you scoured the internet for. Don't pick it up off the floor just yet: Remember, for a limited time, you'll save 15% on the Praher TM-22-H8 Top Mount Multiport Valve!

This replacement filter valve has a one (1) year limited warranty from Praher. Please consult the owner's manual for full details.

More about the Praher TM-22-H8 Top Mount Multiport Valve:
Praher makes many replacement parts for the discontinued Sandstorm filters from Jacuzzi®. Those models were among the most popular of their time, and with the incredible engineering and design Jacuzzi® is known for, a great many of them are still in active use. Jacuzzi® no longer supports these filters, however, moving on to more high-tech models like the Laser. 

With demand for replacement parts for these beloved sand filters staying persistent, Praher stepped in. Their custom replacements work exactly like the original Jacuzzi® parts did when they were brand new. 

These sand filters have low ongoing maintenance costs (even accounting for replacing a part or two like this one; it simply doesn't come up often!), and even with their dated design still manage to keep up with many modern equivalents. Don't let a simple part like the top mount multiport valve undercut the value of an otherwise great classic pool filter! 

Have a question about the Praher TM-22-H8 Top Mount Multiport Valve? Then don't hesitate to ask our pool pros!

Fresh and clean pool experiences await. Go forth today! This wild Praher TM-22-H8 Top Mount Multiport Valve offer is a limited time offer, though, so don't delay!

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