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Nidec Motor Corp Motor, US Motor Neptune, 2.25thp, C-Face,Var-Spd, 230v, 48Y | NPTT225

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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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Nidec Motor Corp NPTT225 Motor, US Motor Neptune, 2.25thp, C-Face,Var-Spd, 230v, 48YThe Neptune™ 2.25 Total Horsepower (THP) variable speed pool pump motor is a premium efficiency product that includes a fully integrated motor, control, and user interface (UI). The product gives you programming flexibility and exceptional speed range capability. It is also designed to communicate and operate with a variety of external system controls, in addition to the on-board User Interface. FEATURES: Efficiency: 2.25THP 85% at 3450 RPM Enclosure: Finned Aluminum enclosure providing a Water Ingress Protection level of IPX5 for long field life in outdoor environmental conditions User Interface: Fully functional, easy to operate, capable of 90°, 180°, or 270° rotation Rotation: Counter-clockwise (viewing motor shaft) Low Temperature Monitor: Threshold temperature configurable in the UI Fully Integrated: Designed for simple “Drop-In” installation with no complex wiring Auxiliary Load Relay Capable of communicating with specific pool control systems via MODBUS RTU Capable of setting up to seven daily schedules Adjustable priming time & speed Menu keypad lockout Designed for quiet operation UL 1081 approved

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