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Pioneer H2O Genesis Bromine Assembly | GENELECTRODE

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SKU: E-100
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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Weight: 1.00 LBS
SKU: E-100
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Pioneer H2O Genesis Bromine Generator Electrode Assembly | GENELECTRODE 

HUGE NEWS FOR SPA OWNERS: this replacement electrode is the official, certified replacement for the most crucial part of the Genesis Bromine Generator, and we've cut down the price to 15% off! 

It's okay; you can blink now! The Pioneer H2O Genesis Bromine Generator Electrode Assembly is the most important component of the popular Genesis Bromine Generator, one of the very best methods to sanitize your spa with little maintenance and less direct handling of chemicals. Something go wrong with your bromine generator? In most cases, this single component replacement is all you need to get right back to like new functionality, and that's why we've made sure to provide the best price possible on this important piece.

Pioneer H2O Genesis Bromine Generator Electrode Assembly features:

  • Pioneer H20 Product ID: GENELECTRODE
  • Electrolytic stimulation component
  • Replacement for part number G99R
  • Weight: 1.00 LBS

Now that you've found the part that will restore your spa to a cleaner, safer environment, let's swing back to that amazing offer! You'll save 15% on the Pioneer H2O Genesis Bromine Generator Electrode Assembly. But hurry. This offer is limited by how long our current stock holds out against increasing demand.

This replacement bromine electrode has a one (1) year limited warranty, supported directly by Genesis H20. To learn more about this top-tier coverage, check out the included owner's manual. 

More about the Pioneer H2O Genesis Bromine Generator Electrode Assembly:
Bromine generators use an electrolytic process to generate bromine, sanitizing your spa without having to handle bromine tablets and associated chemical treatments. This adds up to less maintenance time, infrequent shocking of your tub, and drain fills every 12 months instead of the 3 month cycle required by traditional bromine treatments. 

This electrode assembly is the prime component of the Genesis Bromine Generator. If your generator isn't working properly, most often a malfunctioning electrode is the culprit. Make sure to thoroughly follow the troubleshooting process in the Genesis owner's manual before purchasing this replacement component, to ensure this is the right fix for your particular issue.

Questions or concerns about the Pioneer H2O Genesis Bromine Generator Electrode Assembly? We know our products backwards and forwards, so contact us and we'll provide the advice you need!

Revitalized, fresh spa experiences are now within reach. This amazing Pioneer H2O Genesis Bromine Generator Electrode Assembly offer is limited time only, so don't put it off for long!

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