Pentair Clear Lens Replacement Kit | 34620-0002

SKU: 34620-0002
SKU: 34620-0002
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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MPN: 34620-0002
SKU: 34620-0002
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Pentair 34620-0002 Clear Lens Replacement Kit

POOL AND SPA DISCOUNT NEWS: our customers love their Pentair underwater lights, and we have replacement lens kits for them in stock now for a cool 15% off! 

We always keep it wild around here, so this discount? You'd better believe it's the real deal, partner! The Pentair 34620-0002 Clear Lens Replacement Kit is the official, fully-compatible part you need to restore a cracked lens for your Sta-Rite/Sun-Lite pool lighting setup. You saw a broken fixture. You decided you'd replace the broken part rather than the entire lighting unit. And now you've found the best price around on the exact part you need. 

Pentair 34620-0002 Clear Lens Replacement Kit features:

  • Pentair Model Number: 34620-0002
  • Dimensions: 3.8" x 4.05" x 6.1"
  • Weight: 0.4 LBS

If you've found a niche item like this one, you likely see those specs and know this is exactly what you need. So how about a quick reminder: we have the Pentair 34620-0002 Clear Lens Replacement Kit in stock, waiting for you, for a wild 15% discount!

This clear lens replacement kit has a one (1) year limited warranty supported directly by Pentair. Consult the owner's manual for full details and claims.

More about the Pentair 34620-0002 Clear Lens Replacement Kit:
This lens replacement kit includes just the top cover lens for Pentair lighting fixtures. While this part is extremely heavy duty plastic and meant to hold up to the most demanding settings, if your lens happens to be among the few to suffer from notable damage this is the custom replacement part you need.

This lens is compatible with the SpaBrite hot tub fixtures, the AquaLight pool lighting solutions, and the Sun-Lite LTC brand. For further possible compatibility -- as this works with many brands that use Pentair parts -- please check the owner's manual to match with the part number 34620-0002.

Do you have any questions or concerns about the Pentair 34620-0002 Clear Lens Replacement Kit? Our pool and spa professionals know all of our products like the backs of their hands, and they'll happily pass along the information you need. So drop us a line. 

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