Perma-Cast 1" Npt Male Replacement Zinc Anode | TN-100

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SKU: TN-100
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer
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MPN: TN-100
SKU: TN-100
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Perma-Cast TN-100 1" NPT Male Replacement Zinc Anode

IMPORTANT NEWS FOR SPA OWNERS: this replacement zinc anode rod is a crucial life-extending extension of your hot tub's heating system, and we've got stock waiting for our customers at a steamin' hot 30% off MSRP! 

No spa heater lasts forever; corrosion over the years will eventually become too much. Your zinc anode kit is the major line of defense that will keep your heater lasting far longer than the same model kept by an inattentive owner. Don't replace a corroded heating tank when a simple zinc anode replacement in advance will save you the trouble! The Perma-Cast 1" NPT Male Replacement Zinc Anode is the replacement for the popular Perma-Cast TN-IL in-line plumbing zinc anode corrosion prevention system. And it's available now at an unbelievable price! 

Perma-Cast 1" NPT Male Replacement Zinc Anode features:

  • Perma-Cast Product Number: TN-100
  • 1" NPT MALE
  • Drop-in replacement for TN-IL

This is the kind of component that, when installed in a timely fashion, is a massive money saver at MSRP. So why stop there? Take a smokin' 30% off on this crucial replacement anode rod, to stack some immediate savings on top of the savings over time of a proper spa heater maintenance routine! 

This replacement zinc anode has a one (1) year limited warranty from Perma-Cast. Want to learn more? When the item arrives, please consult the included owner's manual for full coverage and claims information.

More about the Perma-Cast 1" NPT Male Replacement Zinc Anode:
Water heater tanks include two major protective systems to cope with the inevitable march of corrosion that any material would face: a thin glass lining in the tank itself for the short-term, and a grounded zinc-based "attraction" anode system that pulls corrosive elements towards itself and away from the exposed portions of the tank.

Many water heater owners aren't fully aware of how this system works, or that it can be easily stretched out to last even longer. By replacing a corroded zinc anode rod, the corrosion prevention is revitalized, providing an even longer life for your heater tank.  

Got any questions about the Perma-Cast 1" NPT Male Replacement Zinc Anode? We're happy to pass along the information you need as quickly as we possibly can. Drop our experienced staff a line!  

Big savings, and a longer-lasting spa heater are coming your way. But don't delay long. This major zinc anode offer will only be around until we sell out our current stock of this item! 

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