Sta-Rite Pentair Plug & Cover Assembly For Multiport Valve | 77704-0104

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SKU: 77704-0104
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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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SKU: 77704-0104
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Sta-Rite Pentair 77704-0104 Plug & Cover Assembly for Multiport Valve 

MAJOR POOL SALE ALERT: this replacement plug and cover assembly for multiport valves is a Sta-Rite favorite, works on several major brands, and our customer feedback on it is aces. That's why we went out of our way to source a number of these at a great price: 15% off MSRP, no questions asked!

This plug and cover assembly is for the multiport valves on several major pool sand filter brands. If your valve is in danger of being exposed to the elements, this cover assembly will put those fears to rest. Why replace the whole unit when you can just pick up this Sta-Rite Pentair 77704-0104 Plug & Cover Assembly for Multiport Valve? This is the component you need, and it's at a price you'll definitely enjoy: 15% off MSRP, offer limited only by how long our current stock lasts.

Sta-Rite Pentair 77704-0104 Plug & Cover Assembly for Multiport Valve features:

  • WEIGHT: 0.02 LBS
  • LENGTH: 10-1/4 INCHES
  • WIDTH: 6-1/2 INCHES
  • HEIGHT: 6-1/2 INCHES 

Your pool sand filter requires a cover assembly for the sensitive valve components to avoid exposure and damage. So why delay any longer? This is a simple replacement, and it's at an amazing price, to boot: 15% off!

This replacement plug and cover assembly ships with a one (1) year limited warranty from Pentair. The included owner's manual details the full rundown of this industry-leading coverage.

More about the Sta-Rite Pentair 77704-0104 Plug & Cover Assembly for Multiport Valve:
The 77704-0104 Plug and Cover Assembly clips on over the main multiport valve assembly on Sta-Rite and Pentair branded pool sand filters.

Because this part appears in re-branded pool filter packages quite often, it may be worth checking with the owners manual of other brands to see if the matching part number appears. This part will be compatible if so.

This model easily mounts with a clamping mechanism. This keeps the valve sealed perfectly tight during use, while the clipping setup is easy to disengage with little effort when necessary. 

Got some burning questions on installing or maintaining this plug and cover assembly? Don't worry about it! Just drop us a line, and we'll have our pool professionals pass on the detailed information you require.

There's no reason to suffer with an exposed multiport valve on your otherwise pristine pool filter. Don't wait to get the part you need! This 15% off MSRP offer is only available for a limited time -- tied to how long our current stock holds out. 

P.S., if you take home any Sta-Rite or Pentair branded parts this month, we have a special offer for you. You'll immediately be flagged to get an invite to our email deals slate. These are amazing offers that we can't publish directly on our website! So why delay a second longer? It's time to take a plunge into the cool, crisp waters of Wild West Pool Supplies today!

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