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Tecmark Air Switch, Latching - 25 Amp | TBS310A

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1 year warranty from the manufacturer
1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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Tecmark TBS310A Air Switch, Latching - 25 Amp  

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That deal seem too crazy to be real? Don't worry about it: our whole thing is doing our absolute best to source high demand products that we can offer at the absolute lowest prices to our customers. The Tecmark TBS310A Air Switch, Latching - 25 Amp is as easy as can be to install in multiple configurations, and made with a tough corrosion-resistant casing, and it's from Tecmark -- a perfect storm of qualities that make it a popular product. And we've sourced a number of these with savings that we can pass directly to our customers.

Tecmark TBS310A Air Switch, Latching - 25 Amp features:

  • Tecmark Product Number: TBS310A
  • 25 AMP
  • Latching/Snap Acting Tube
  • 1/8" Center Spout
  • 9/16" Mounting Screw
  • 1/4" Brass Terminals
  • Fits 1/8" Air Hose
  • 120/240v VAC

These are all common features, and combined with the simple latching tube installation make for an air switch that's flexible for all sorts of spa configurations. So you found the part you need; let's get back to the fun part! That's 20% off MSRP, tied to our currently in-warehouse stock. That means the offer is technically indefinite, limited only by our large stock, but these air switches are moving fast! Make sure to get yours today to guarantee this incredible offer. 

This air switch has a one (1) year limited warranty from Tecmark. The owner's manual included with this item outlines the full details on this industry-leading coverage and claims support.

More about the Tecmark TBS310A Air Switch, Latching - 25 Amp:
This 25 AMP air switch is a simple on/off switch to send a single signal to any piece of spa equipment compatible with air tubing to receive signals. Working in concert with air tubing and an air button (sold separately), this switch sends crucial signals to hot tub components in via a safe method for the wet environment of your spa.

This switch sends air "signals" through the air displacement principle, a revolutionary concept initially devised by LectricAir. Air pressure to this switch "opens" it, while sucking pressure away from it "closes" it, which is the key difference between this switch and a momentary switch that simply sends a single quick signal. This allows for different types of spa equipment that require continuous signals to work with this switch.

Do you need tips on installation? Looking for more general information on this switch? No problem! Our spa specialists at Wild West are happy to help. Don't hesitate to drop them a line!

Whether you're looking to replace an ailing switch, or you simply want to upgrade to a more dependable component like this Tecmark piece, we you can count on Wild West to have the most dependable items at the absolute lowest prices around. 

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